In this exclusive interview we sat downt with Mondo Zax, WildStars Chief Technologist for DRED - the Dominion Research and Experimentation Division, to see if he could help us out with choosing a class.

Mondo: Picking WildStar class can be headache. Chua science approved questions here to help you! Mondo ask nosey questions to find best fit. Mondo cannot guarantee efficient results! Mondo start now. OK? OK! If you in dungeon and asked to Tank or Heal, which you prefer? Mondo want to know!

Ten Ton Hammer: Errr…I’d probably want to heal. I like knowing that I can let others die.

Mondo: Haha, Mondo like you! That give you three choices: Medic, Spellslinger and Esper. Now, most important question, you like wrestling Chua or shooting poor Chua in back?

Ten Ton Hammer: Is their mud involved? If there isn’t I’d rather shoot you in the back because I’m allergic to fur.

Mondo: Hmm. Mondo knows cure for fur allergy. Chua mud wrestling? I make note of that for later. You use your brain like Mondo or you dumb like Granok?

Ten Ton Hammer: My guild has called me worse during Battlegrounds but I definitely like using my brain. Are you suggesting there’s a class I could be that doesn’t require my brain?

Mondo: Don’t put words in Mondo’s mouth! All take brains! Just some maybe less so. Now, you like standing at the back like scardey Lopp?

Ten Ton Hammer: A scardey Lopp? Well, I suppose so. At least I’m the last alive if I stand at the back.

Mondo: I see. More questions! Can you count to 4? Mondo does not think you can!

Ten Ton Hammer: Well of course I can. How does this help me pick a class?

Mondo: Do not question Mondo’s science! Answer question!

Ten Ton Hammer: 1,2,3,4

Mondo: Excellent! More science sure you like shooty? Mondo cannot see your ugly face from afar!

Ten Ton Hammer: Well I don’t mind sometimes being in the middle of a fight. It keeps me on my toes.

Mondo: This interview fun!

Ten Ton Hammer: Says who? I just want to know what healer to play as.

Mondo: Science is not a science, Mondo have to ask many questions. You like scratchy or smashy?

Ten Ton Hammer: I’m not sure any of the healer classes are scratchy or smashy. Are they?

Mondo: Mondo thinks he could scratch you right now. Not many more questions. You angry person fighting or you calm when stabby stabby?

Ten Ton Hammer: I never said I was stabby stabby!

Mondo: You answer Mondo question!

Ten Ton Hammer: I’m angry. I swear more than #Frost and #Pappy combined and hate losing.

Mondo: Mondo responsible for designing advanced technology. This is too easy!

Ten Ton Hammer: So what’s the answer, hamster?

Mondo: Hamster? What be this creature? Mondo will investigate.

Ten Ton Hammer: Right I’m going to go research the classes myself.

Mondo: Science achieved! Mondo has discovered right class for you - just in time for Nexus!

Ten Ton Hammer: Awesome, what is it?

Mondo: Mondo has filled his report. This should help.

Ten Ton Hammer: *sigh*

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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