On the 4th of July we closed our WildStar Giveaway and spent the day (and weekend) celebrating Independence Day. During that time we’ve sat back and read through all the entries and while there were some fantastic submissions, there can, unfortunately, only be 5 winners. In no particular order and based solely on whether they made us laugh, smile or tip our hat in appreciation. Here are our winners!


Hello, I'm Chris.

I like big Chua's and I can not lie.

You other Drakens can't deny.

"We loved Chris’ entry not only for its simplicity but for the humour that followed from other commentors."


  1. Pretty funny
  2. Unique world, no skeletons/spiders/dwarves/elves/orcs or any of that fantasy overplayed junk. bleh
  3. Better mobility, and action gameplay than Guild Wars
  4. Underwater battle, and play(pretty cool)
  5. I for one find the comic style refreshing, and it is a obvious choice
  6. when making a mmo. I value graphics, and if it can look newer for longer; that is great.
  7. The Trinity(Tank, DPS, and Heals, including hybrid ranks)
  8. Level using content you want to level with(PVP, PVE etc. This is clearly a AAA game)
  9. A lot of stuff I have not yet discovered in the game.
  10. The all important polish. Two months after release ESO is not as polished as Wildstar was three months ago in Beta.
  11. Pretty cool PVP, and Endgame PVP

It isn’t often that I agree with “lists” from other players, but we felt Valranven was absolutely bang-on the money when it comes to WildStar.

Selena Oung

A chance to win Wildstar,

And I only have to say why?

Well this is certainly an offer I cannot deny!

I tried the beta weekends and kept up to date

And playing through the weekends, this game you cannot hate

The characters, the environments are all effective

To which the mechanics of combat provide a whole new perspective!

And for those who are Exile are rebellious people

They fight against the Dominions military upheaval

And whilst both are equal in strength

They provide the game with fun to such a length!

Oh my I nearly forgot about the art!

It's sweet and vivid, well... just like a tart!

From environments and even loading screens

It always manages to provide a vibrant scene

Of course only a few can gain a copy

And just like the others here

The price seems to make us shed some tears

So choose carefully and give provide those with glee

And most importantly, please choose me!

"What can we say about this? Just an awesome poem and a sterling effort! Well done Selena!"


What do I love about WildStar?

I love the way Wildstar smiles every time a plant turns out to be a monster and kills the unsuspecting scientist

And the way it frowns when it realizes that ProtoStar basically stole it's money and is now broke

The cute way it holds its pistols when killing it's prey

Or perhaps it's the way it hikes up mountains to place a flag to claim its territory (and later fall to its death)

It also comes from the cute grin of a Chua as it walks away from dead enemies

But to put it simply,

I love Wildstar because it hasn't officially friendzoned me yet.

"No one likes being in the friendzone but fortunately for Courtney she’s done an amazing job on this one."


I love wildstar because it brings the competitive aspect back to MMOs. The game is hard. Really hard. And that's the fun of it. They didn't try to do something incredibly unique and fail with it, as we have seen time and time again with MMOs after WoW. They simply took the greatness that WoW used to have and put their own twist on it with great characters, fantastic dialog is, funny humor, and a open, enjoyable world. To top it all off, if you think raids are hard in other games, wait till you try wildstar DUNGEONS!!!

"We felt Chuck hit the nail on the head when it comes to WildStar. It absolutely does bring the competative aspects of massively multiplayer games back onto the table. WildStar is hard and you can prepare yourself to cry."

We'll be following up with all our winners to provide them with their client codes in the next 24 hours - if you don't hear from me double check your spam emails or alternatively, drop me an email at [email protected]. Congratulations again to all our winners. 

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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