Undead Labs Talks Healing, Death and More for Class3

By Stacy Jones -

Undead Labs has posted a new Q&A to answer more questions from the community about their upcoming co-op zombie shooter Class3. Among some of the questions answered related to the health system in the game. Players will have a health bar to help them keep track of how badly injured they are, but zombies wonÂ’t display the same. The only way that players can kill a zombie will be to destroy the brain, so emptying a clip in their chest won't do very much. Players can dismember zombies to gain an edge, but in true George Romero zombie fashion, destroying the brain is the only way to finish them off.

As announced earlier this month, permadeath is also part of Class3, but players will have a chance to be saved by their fellow survivors if they find themselves overwhelmed by the undead, however, they may not always make it to you in time.

Some of the other topics touched on included building fortifications, how fatigue can affect players and what they need to do to try and limit their exhaustion and a lot more.

Source: Q&A: Healing, Death, And More

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