25 Seinfeld Episodes About Video Games

Imagine if you will, one of the funniest shows to ever hit network television seen in the context of the video game industry.    Here are 25 episodes that we wish they had produced. [Inspired by @eSportsSeinfeld]

  1. Kramer decides to try World of Warcraft for the first time, boosts a Monk to 90 and tanks a LFR.

  2. George pre-purchases GTA V on Steam mistakenly believing that the $1,000,000 bonus is in real money.

  3. Kramer and Newman crowdfund a title about delivering mail. Kramer – “I’m putting the FUN in CrowdFUNding Jerry!”

  4. Elaine is upset when George picks the Hero that she wants in a Heroes of the Storm Match. Elaine – “You may be the dimmest Brightwing ever George.”

  5. Kramer invites one of Jerry’s attractive ex-girlfriends to a Cosplay party.She comes dressed as Pudge. Kramer comes dressed as Ahri.

  1. Jerry spends hours crafting a Hearthstone deck only to be defeated by Newman who built a deck using the A.I. suggested cards.

  2. Kramer gets into an argument with Wil Wheaton @wilw on Twitter over whether Catan is better as a board game or iPad app.

  3. Kramer pays a pro to get him to Legendary in Hearthstone, then enters a tournament where he pitted against Trump in the first round.

  4. Kramer is arrested for using a tazer on a homeless man.  Jerry arrives at the police station to find him dressed as Zeus.  "He was pushing my lane Jerry! Pushing my lane!" - Kramer

  1. Kramer buys Homeworld Remastered, but thinks he is playing EVE Online.“I’m going to low sector Jerry!LOW SECTOR! But… nobody will talk to me!”

  2. Elaine, Jerry, Kramer and George play Evolve as a team of hunters and get wrecked by an incredible Goliath player. Elaine refuses to do anything, except shoot tranquilizer darts.  George doesn’t realize that he has a jet pack.  They find out that Newman is playing the monster.

  3. George joins his first Hero League match, but is overcome by anxiety and can’t choose a Hero, timing out, quitting and leaving his team a player short.

  4. Jerry discovers that Elaine owns every World of Warcraft vanity pet.  Elaine – “But they’re cute …and non-allergenic.”

  5. George confuses Destiny with CS:GO.  Jerry sends him to IEM Kawotice to cover the “Destiny Tournament”.  George gets nervous and walks through the shot during a Paul Chaloner interview and is called an “idiot” on the ESL live Twitch stream.

  1. Elaine makes over 10,000 thought-provoking posts on a forum in an attempt to win a contest for a Skyforge beta key.  George wins with one entry that reads only, “First!”

  2. George mistakes his League of Legends teammate calling “Top” as a sexual advance.

  3. Kramer invites one of Jerry’s attractive ex-girlfriends to a cosplay party that Jerry is hosting.  She comes dressed at Pudge.  Kramer comes as Kasumi from Dead or Alive 5.

  4. Jerry tells George that Guild Wars 2 has no subscription.  George has been paying Kramer $15 a month for two years to play. “I provide a service Jerry!  A service!” – Kramer

  5. George goes to GDC to get a job, but spends the entire time looking for the Sony Online Entertainment booth.

  1. Elaine joins a gaming oriented dating service in search of a highly-paid professional eSports player.

  2. Kramer rents a booth at E3 to promote his game idea, “Clash of Clangs”, a free-to-play game about playing the symbols.

  3. George tells his parents that he finally obtained a college degree. They are disappointed to find out that it was earned at Full Sail.

  4. Elaine enters a Magic: The Gathering tournament, but brings Pokemon cards.  She leaves embarrassed, stumbles upon a SMASH tournament and takes first place.

  5. George is asked to pick up Evil Geniuses’ new Starcraft II player from the airport.  He mistakenly picks up a Korean exchange student.

  6. Kramer starts a Twitch stream and invites Jessica Chobot on as a guest. They get into an argument over the nutritional value of a PS4.

What episodes would you like to see? 

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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2016

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