Get ready to get good for Dark Souls 3, as you'll likely be crying in your sleep at the difficulty or they'll have dumbed the series down enough that it won't be hard and we'll all be complaining about it. For now though, let's take a look at some games that are hard and you should probably play while waiting on Dark Souls 3. If you really want the game to play that's hard, go play Battletoads, because you know, that's the hardest game ever or whatever. Super Ghost and Ghouls is tough too, oh boy did you know that? Did you? Did you know it's hard?

I'll tell you a hard game, Trials, the Ubisoft game where you're on a bike. That game is hard. I have poured so much of my life into that game to the point I'm really good at it. It's not going to get you good, but it's going to basically be hard. Totally different genre though. Until I didn't have an iPhone anymore, I played tons and tons of the mobile edition too. Anyway, here is a list of five games that are pretty tough and should get you ready for Dark Souls, and doesn't include Battletoads because you know, if you don't know that one then welp now you do.

Doom Troopers

Yep this is a game that's going to probably freak you out a bit as it has a vomiting skeleton that can throw bones, but you know what, it's better than putting Contra on this list. I mean, yeah Contra is hard, and it's a game that'll get you good, but you're probably going to use the Konami Code and then you're just going to bumble your way through it. Doom Troopers is different, it's basically Contra, but with skeletons, and you'll need to go and google the cheats versus having them burned into your brain, either through playing Contra back when you got your cheat codes in a book or pop-culture putting it in your head.

Dark / Demon's Souls

Well if you want to get good, this is basically what you want to do. You want to just plug yourself in and just get good right now on these games because they're going to make you good. So good, that you're going to cry as the game constantly just insults you by giving you nothing, asking everything, and then demanding more. Ammo? Yeah you have about 3 spell casts to take out about 400 enemies.

Ninja Gaiden

Ninja Gaiden anything is just hard. Ryu Hayabusa, while being rather cool, can die very easily and the game just constantly sends you into unwinnable situations demanding you win it more. Ninja Gaiden 2 will make you really want to abuse the difficulty setting, because normal is hard and anything more is going to send you into a tizzy. Ninja Gaiden is a great game to teach you what "dodging" means in a video game. An art lost in most modern games that let you absorbe bullets to the face, duck down for a few brief seconds, and be fully refreshed and ready to go.

I Wanna Be the Guy

I could put Battletoads on this list but who really wants to play Battletoads. You should just go play anger simultor, in which the game is one big memorization puzzle. Each area in the game is going to trick you and then reset you in a myriad of ways. What you think is ground is actually spikes and what is spikes is actually spikes, but these spikes are totally okay but those apples aren't.

Mario Rom Hacks

I went through a phase where I watched people on YouTube play really hard Mario hacks because I have no ability to do so. I'm not good enough to jux Mario through 100 perfect jumps and then avoid the fireball that you must have, on jump 52, waited 3.5 seconds in order to have avoided a fireball right at the end. There isn't much fun in these games for anyone who has a normal or even good amount of skill, as you'll often need to perfect level after level to advance anywhere.

If Mario Rom Hacks aren't good enough for you, just play Battletoads.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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