Skyforge has been on my watch list for a bit, but I haven't had a chance to get my hands on it until now and I mean, so far it's really hype. I predict it's going to be one of the games that comes and punches the industry in the side out of nowhere with some really smart new mechanics and a lot of familiar MMO-ness to really speak to you. This is a halfway review in progress, halfway brain dump of what I'm lovin' so far.

Let me preface by saying this isn't the official opinion of Ten Ton Hammer, but I, David Piner. So just to be clear, it's me saying the game is hype, not the site, so hate me ok?  

I just want to run down a quick list of things that make it where I'm awake at 2:30AM playing Skyforge instead of Cities: Skyline (which btw I should seriously be playing right now because I got an itch for some city building): 

  • The combat animations are insanely fluid. 
  • The Necromancer looks SUPER FUN and the Archer too. I wish the CBT was longer! You can get these assigned to you in the training room at random. 
  • You can jump and jump well. 
  • The combat is challenging but not difficult and the character classes all perform accordingly to their description. 
  • Cryomancers can use control and kiting to win, Berserkers roll face, Paladins are guardians, it all makes sense and is smooth. 
  • Class changing is perhaps the coolest feature, it's like Allods when you get to roleplay as a higher level version of your class, expect you get to be any class of your choosing for any situation and without a lot of annoyances. 
  • Transportation is smooth and map transitions are great. 
  • A return of Guild Wars (the first one) style maps!!!! Instead of it being a whole giant world, it's a group of smaller custom tailored maps which is AWESOME. Regions are in too, so it's like GW where there is mission maps, PvP maps, and "world maps" which are a bit more "open worldly." This lets the game developers custom tailor an experience on each world, momentum, quests, etc. without having to preplan out for things like higher level / lower level stuff on the same map. Apparantly there are larger maps out there, but at the start it feels so much like Guild Wars 1. 
  • Super hardcore social elements, one of the big benefits of the original Guild Wars was that it let you get together and group up otherwise suffer the hell of trying to solo the game with henchmen. You needed at least two players on some maps or some really good skill (at least before the expansions and updates, finally reaching hero characters which made soloing a breeze). So when you go to these smaller maps and "squad based" duo/trio maps, you're forced to play with others or suffer a penalty, which is beautiful. 
  • Oh the game is super beautiful. That's a plus. 
  • It's like a marriage of SWTOR and Aion and Final Fantasy. 
  • It runs great, 50FPS on max with my aging computer while casting spells!

You should probably put the $20 just to play it with whatever innocence I have now on the Skyforge hype train.  Chooo chooo. I already got a few people to buy in and they are very glad that they did, whatever in the world that counts for. No seriously, add it to your watch list. It'll be free-to-play and the founder packs only offer a "head start" when the game launches.

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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2016

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