Skyforge has a weekly limit on the amount of Sparks and other currency you can farm. Once you hit that limit, it's pretty much the end of your advancement, in a way. It's the end of your Ascension Atlas advancement that week, but, there are still lots of other activities to do that basically surround the The Order system. We'll do a recap of what to do when you hit that cap, followed by some discourse on the cap itself. 

The reason for this is that, realistically, there isn't much to do once you hit that cap that isn't confined to farming alternative currencies or working on your Order. However, in reaching that cap, you've probably played enough of the game as is, unless you're a Spark grinding machine.  

What to Do When You Hit the Spark Cap 

You'll continue to earn alternative currencies no matter what, which is good for cosmetics and the such. Other than that, you can continue to farm equipment (which will only drop for your specific prestige), or advance your order system - which is the intended step to take once you're done farming Sparks of Insight.  

You'll farm supplies, ammo, and holy texts along with relics and a plethora of other items as you increase your prestige. Your order is a third of your total prestige, so it's important not to neglect it (and is one of the reasons someone can run from 2000 prestige to 4000 rather quickly). Lots of these have caps as well, but if you're hitting the cap on every. single. thing. then you'll be stuck farming alternate currencies for costumes and market items.

You can also grind Particles of Mastery to upgrade your gear, farm gear in of itself, and grind class sparks and max your classes out. These activities, combined, can and will keep you busy.  

Does the Spark Cap Make Sense 

This is something I wanted to touch on. In general, you focus on your Order of Aelion while you're at your Spark cap for the week, but the cap is sort of kind of necessary and it sort of kind of isn't. I think that, in general, it's a novel idea for limiting your continuation through the game, but there are many other ways to do that as well. 

My big thing is that when you first start the game, you have the cap sitting there, dangling above your head, and then when you reach the cap you're stuck wondering what to do. Playing essentially WoW Garrisons to progress is very obtuse. Sure, you need to grind adventures to progress it, but that's like taking WoW Garrisons and making supplies a drop for finishing a dungeon. 

Skyforge is constantly compared to Phantasy Star Online, which in every version followed a formula where you grinded and got XP to level, but your key focus was more on loot from each dungeon run rather than the raw XP. In Skyforge, you're more or less min/maxing which resources you have left until you hit cap, then passively grinding away your Order. 

It makes sense, but it doesn't. I'd prefer a system where the cap wasn't necessary and the content gated itself. It honestly feels like the cap exists as a way to make the premium bonus make sense. Without the cap, premium members would probably level too fast. It already feels that the 50% bonus is huge in speeding progression along. 

In the same light, unlocking the Ascension Atlas should be speedy. You have so many classes and need so many points to move around. Limiting progression isn't helpful at all in that capacity. 

On the other hand, there is a lot to do once you reach the Spark cap. Between farming gear upgrades, working on your order, and maxing out the class trees, there is ever so much to be done. Plus grinding costumes (Celestial Threads) and other resources are further activities to be done. Sparks of Insight and the upper atlas are not the entire world, but, it can feel that way. 

I think there should be a better tutorial or method to explain the system of progression. As is, most gamers think Sparks of Insight = XP, and they must grind their XP to level up. When it's more or less one singular method of progress, when there are three primary methods and many secondary methods to those, some of which aren't impacted by a cap. 

So it makes sense in the context they've used it, but, I think everyone agrees there must have been a less obtuse way about organizing everything to make it make more sense to the hardcore gamers who are set in their ways. 

That's just my thoughts, but you're free to share yours. If you haven't already seen the link, our Order guide gives you all the info you need to know to work on your Orders of Aelion.

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Last Updated: Mar 20, 2016

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