*Satire - just sayin'

It was a game for the ages, just ask Mr. Williams.   

Fresh off his “memory lapse” regarding whether his chopper was actually hit by an RPG while reporting in Iraq Mr. Williams claimed,

“I forgot that it wasn’t a story about Counter Strike…my bad.  I bullshit about my escapades in that game all the time.   Why once I remember being the last guy left in some map and I killed everybody else on the other team, with a knife… or a pistol… I can’t remember. Lol”

Don't cry for me Argentina...I mean Iraq!  LoL! - Brian Williams

“Oh and don’t get me started about Starcraft II.  I’m a Master-Grand-Class Zergtoss in that game.  I’m unbeatable.   Why I remember beating this kid, what was his name again…. Buster Tosser or something… (Ed: We think he was referring to the Boss Toss).   I smoked him with my Command Center rush followed with a Baneling Bust.   Buster Toss my ass.  Lol”, shouted Williams, pumping his fist and tea-bagging an empty coffee cup by the curb. 

When asked what other games or genres he enjoyed Mr. Williams touted his “Raygun” (Ed: we think he means Rehgar) “Butt Bite Build” and provide a video of him in action.

Before we could ask our next question he shouted, “I also love MMORPGs Baybee!!!! R…P…Gs!”

More on Mr. Williams as it becomes available. 

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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