**This story is satiracle.  

Lizard Squad DDoS Attack on CS:GO Skin Betting Sites

In a somewhat surprising turn of events, the hacking group Lizard Squad, famous for attacking both XBox and Playstation networks over the holidays have turned their Denial of Service or DDoS attacks on a new victim.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive betting sites were hit and temporarily taken down in response to a recent betting scandal.  75% of all CS:GO games were either cancelled or post-poned until betting was brought online and the community was thrown into turmoil.   New gambling sites, Rock, Paper, Scissors Lounge and Tic Tac Toe Lounge were brought online in an attempt to keep skin betting alive.   

We're the Good Guys

“We love betting, but those CS:GO players are just immoral.” Said a Lizard Squad member who wished to remain anonymous.  “They threw games and ruined it for the rest of the community. Like always, we’re just doing what is right.”

“I mean seriously, with names like BIGGY, innocent, fxyO and Uzzzii what do you expect?  Those are cheater names, “ he continued, “not a cool name like Lizard Squad. It’s like they are afraid to use their real names or something, cowards.”

**This picture of an alleged Lizard Squad member has been proven to be a fake.   LS members all wear two monacles rather than one.**

I'm A Gambling Giant

A well-known one-armed bandit and owner of the largest CS:GO betting sites was found hiding in a tree near his Polish offices.   We were able to get him down by waving to him, when he waved back he let go of the tree and fell out.

Upon identifying ourselves as press he replied with, “I have no comment”, but changed his tune when we pretended to login to Steam on our phone and tell him we were preparing to make a bet.  

He immediatedly broke into song… “Skin, Fi, Fo, Fum.  I smell a skin from Valve Software son!”  He then muttered something that sounded like "my precious" before doing a fist pump, chest bumping our camera operator and cartwheeling down the sidewalk like a schoolgirl with bats in her hair.  

This story is still breaking…we will update as new information becomes available. 

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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2016

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