Something odd about MMO players is the desire to see their games on a console, but the console has something flawed with it - camera control. It's hard if not impossible to get anywhere near the level of detail that the (I won't use the word, I think it's not a positive moniker, but if you want to know it is PC M R) uses. I was playing Dying Light on the PS4 and suffering so bad, I couldn't take it. I seriously had to play 15 minutes then just get frustrated as I missed each jump. 

Forward to some cash out of pocket and the game on PC and I'm in love with the game. Absolutely crazy in love. It's so much more fun! The combat, the parkour, everything. I'm ashamed to even have it installed on my PS4 right now, but, you know what's funnier, it's not even Techland's fault, but the fault of the medium. Console controllers suck, they suck to a degree that I can't even understand. 

Like, the difference isn't as noticeable in a regular FPS, because you're aiming and shooting and in multiplayer everyone has the same handicap, but in a game like Dying Light where the camera controls "control" the game, then you're in a situation of absolute frustration. Just absolute, rage inducing, frustrating. I spent so long trying to jump off of a building and unto a lamppost that I was pretty much ready to scream and literally throw my controller through the T.V. 

I mean, in a sense, it works great for a horror game where the idea is that you suck and the world is against you, but at the same time I want to play a game and a game like Dying Light is designed and meant to be played. I'm sure maybe I’m weak, my thumbs just aren't whatever no. They're not. I'm great at video games, the best almost if you will, and I've played every console since the Atari and I've played some crazy ones too (3DO I'm looking at you). 

We need a new method to input commands into a console. We just, absolutely have  to figure out a way to provide the comfort of a game controller with the precision of a mouse. I don't know, I'm not some massive design tech expert, but maybe some kind of furniture to set a keyboard and mouse on the table? Maybe the smaller keyboards, without a numpad would work better? Maybe, I don't know, we start thinking about these things. 

Because Nintendo is and they're suffering a little bit, but the excellence of design in their controllers is amazing. Even if they have to step back under pressure and release "real controllers," it's still a situation in which playing games on the Wii U pad is like playing games in heaven. It's because the games and controller match each other, they're designed to work together, and if game studios got over themselves maybe they would find ways to make a profit on just a single console and it's controller to help represent the idea that ONE WAY isn't the only way. 

I'm not saying that KB/Mouse are the only way to do it, I'm simply saying we need a way to get mouse like precision on a console, or for games to consider the controller more. The entire GTA franchise does this with the snap aiming commands, which is why I don't mind, if not love, playing GTA on the console. I don't need it on PC, because it works well for the medium it is launched on. 

I don't dislike consoles, I love playing games away from the computer, where the sounds of Skype and email are bothering you (well, in this modern world... we have our phones), but I want to be able to have that level of functional control. Dying Light just reminds me that a game designed like that either needs auto-grapple (playskool style Parkour) that's going to frustrate you when you jump and grab onto something and die, or it needs a controller that can properly reflect it's gameplay style. 

If we weren't in an industry where selling on both PC and console was a requirement, we'd see more games designed for console and more games designed exclusively for PC, but that's not the case. Destiny, on the other hand, decided it was console only (so far) and designed just for the console (so far), with what I assume is a lengthy process to make the game function properly on PC. 

Whatever it means, I just know for the time being, if it says FPS then the PC is for me. 

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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