Blade & Soul has consumed a large portion of my free time as of late and there is plenty to do in it that's right in your face. Leveling, leveling, and leveling is pretty much there, and then dungeons and PvP when you're at the end. Yet, there is some really fun and interesting things to do in the game that I feel some players haven't really honed in on, or are just quirky things I love doing.

These are literally things I love to do (as it's my column) and you could find many other various activities to your liking as well. Feel free to share what you love doing in B&S in the comments below.

PvP in the Cinderlands

So you go through the Viridian Coast and you get the choice between the Crimson and Cerulean. Yay, you may or may not have equipped your uniform and found the instant effects: you are now a PvP target. This entire mechanic is mostly forgotten about until many many many moons later, when you arrive at The Scorching Sands in the Cinderlands. Cerulean and Crimson have two command posts and the game requires you to go up and say hello to one of this. This means that this is basically a huge PvP battlefield aimed at level 25~35 players, where you can gank and in general engage in PvP against the opposite faction.

It's really satisfying, because most times of the day you'll be able to find a fight. If you bring a friend you can quickly decimate a large swath of players, but in return you can easily expect a resistance to form (which results in more fun).

Running in Circles

This is a time honored tradition in every game, where you simply walk in circles thinking to yourself for awhile. WoW was infamous for this, as players waited in Ironforge and Orgrimmar for something to do. B&S offers an advanced form of this alternative playstyle. Once you generally move out of the starting areas, you'll find the world is littered with various things you can jump on and then more things for you to jump to, allowing you to make circles around towns and villages while watching your character smoothly hop around.

Crafting and the Marketplace and Farming Materials

While not obvious, even after completing the introduction quest, there is crafting in the game. You can craft a myriad of items which is a great time sink, and playing with the Marketplace can land you several gold rich turning things you craft into pure profit, which you can of course min/max into reinvesting into your crafting. Likewise, another really good time waster is just farming materials for your item transformations for your Hongmoon set.

Help a Friend

While nothing something that you can do solo, you can go back and redo old quests for various goodies (and possible outfits) while helping a friend level-up. All but a few solo instances will let you team up and take down quests, letting you decimate enemies while your friend gets credit and can easily zoom through content faster, making it easier to get to where you're at.

Group Content / Farming Outfits

PvP and instances are tons of fun. Instances can often drop not only upgrade items, but outfits as well, giving a point to running them over and over, especially as you gain levels and can move through a dungeon faster. If you want some pro tips on farming dungeons - make an AoE build the best you can and just run boss to boss. Let everything pile up around you and AoE it down, assuming you're high enough level to take it all out. You can also farm dungeons at or around your level by grouping up and meeting new players. I've met tons of players through the dungeon system who keep in touch and invite me back to group up for things like world PvP and epic dungeon runs.

Anyway, just five various things to do in B&S that I find interesting and fun. You may find something else fun and none of these, but, to me, I like all of 'em and I hope you do as well.

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Last Updated: Mar 20, 2016

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