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Synopsis: Producer Hermann Peterscheck answers a host of audience questions while Codemasters Mike Rowland reveals new details about Jumpgate Evolution distribution in the seventeenth edition of Loading... Live. Even though JGE's release was delayed indefinitely, there's plenty of excitement and a well established community swirling around the game. After Machail and Ethec review this week in MMO news, the JGE team handles tough questions about the endgame, mining, crafting, smuggling, PvP, exploration and much more in this entertaining 46 minute podcast.


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  • Jeff "Ethec" Woleslagle
    Ten Ton Hammer Editor-in-Chief
  • Ben "Machail" de la Durantaye
    Managing Editor - Ten Ton Hammer Network


  • Reuben "Sardu" Waters
    Ten Ton Hammer Writer


  • Hermann Peterscheck
    Senior Producer, Jumpgate Evolution
  • Mike Rowland
    Community Liaison, Codemasters
  • Katie Postma
    JGE Community Manager
  • You!
    Join us next week on Voon in room: Ten Ton Events.

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  • 0:22 Introductions

We introduce our team and special guest, then move straight to the news so we have plenty of time for questions.


  • Loading... - Ten Ton Hammer's daily newsletter and column

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News and Events
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  • 0:58 The Machail Report
  • 1:01 - A Playboy MMO?
  • 1:54 - WoWpod FTL
  • 2:34 - Darkfall Hate Continues
  • 3:19 - Dan Elgren Trades SGW for JGE
  • 6:31 - City of Heroes Going Rogue expansion announced

In this week's Machail Report, we tie our record of five news stories in this week in MMO news, but win in overtime with the Playboy MMO bit.


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Featured Q&A Session
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  • 8:29 - Progress toward beta
  • 10:06 - Non-combat activities, smuggling
  • 11:50 - How PvP works
  • 14:22 - Customizability of ships
  • 17:28 - Keeping the economy healthy
  • 19:43 - How mining works / finding nodes
  • 21:10 - Crafting dynamic items
  • 22:17 - Name restrictions
  • 23:05 - Custom paint and logos
  • 24:08 - Exploration & new sectors
  • 25:39 - Consumables
  • 26:34 - An Octavian emperor and a PvP scoreboard?
  • 29:34 - Exploration & fog of war
  • 31:02 - Endgame?
  • 34:00 - Guilds
  • 35:34 - Distribution, Collector's Edition, and Steam?
  • 37:34 - Cross-race groups
  • 39:02 - Peripheral support
  • 41:44 - Conflux highlights
  • 42:39 - More on beta

NetDevil's Hermann Peterscheck and Katie Postma join Codemasters' Mike Rowland to deliver the latest on Jumpgate Evolution, due for release... well, soon (TM).




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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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