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Real-world science and realism always go hand-in-hand with games, whether you're playing a flight sim or an MMO. Case in point, the next wave of MMOs gain a lot of realism points by adopting (however imperfectly) the major laws of physics. We'll take a look at what role mechanical physics plays in Jumpgate Evolution, Global Agenda, and even DC Universe Online in today's Loading... Getting Physical.

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Ever since DDO and later Age of Conan became somewhat mainstream, we've seen an emphasis on making the next wave of MMOs more "action oriented" - that is, concentrating on positioning and hand-eye coordination to land a steady stream of damage, rather than just locking in auto-attack and grabbing a sandwich. The goal was to make DPS and tank classes as challeging and rewarding to play as support roles and healers. One authentic way to accomplish this and add a degree of skill to any game is through science, or more accurately, a greater (if imperfect) adoption of the major laws of physics, as it pertains to a specific game. If the mere mention of physics gives you a headache, don't worry, here's three examples from the next wave of MMOs to show you what I mean.

While true "Newtonian physics" were never part of the Jumpgate experience (and have never really been a part of any space sim, to my knowledge, outside of an optional setting in Freelancer), part of the skill involved with Jumpgate Evolution is learning to fly in a 3D space with a lesser degree of inertial resistance. But to make space flight more intuitive, JGE will have "inertial dampeners" on by default. The effect is to make your spaceship fly more like a plane flying around in earth's atmosphere would. At E3 we learned that you can kick off these inertial dampeners to let physics take its course, and perform skilled maneuvers like hairpin Immelman turns against human opponents, or perhaps to line up your forward-facing weapons as inertia carries you away from the fight.

Many online shooters have a simplified damage system where the game simply checks to see what part of your target is in the reticule when you pull the trigger, then assesses damage based on where your round instantaneously lands. Global Agenda uses a more sophisticated particle-based physics system in that you have to account for how your bullets and projectiles will "track" in that split second between when you fire and when the bullet makes impact. If you've ever been skeet shooting, you know part of the art and skill is leading a clay pigeon just enough, depending on distance and angle.

Imagine that you're firing a .22 instead of a turkey loads from a shotgun - we used to do when I was in college , and winging one clay in five was a badge of honor. It's nothing you can consciously calculate in your head, that takes far too long. Its all about feel. And in Global Agenda, I imagine much of the marksman's skill is how you position yourself relative to your target's intended movements. Battlefield maxims - those keys to success and survival - become relevant. Things like stay perpendicular to your opponent's movements, not sideral unless your flanking a fixed position, and zig and zag as you advance on or retreat from your opponent.

Nor are combat or space games the only MMOs that are starting to take advantage of physics. From Cody's hands-on with DC Universe Online, posted today:

Unlike most MMOs, DC Universe Online features physics-laden effects, which means that every attack and animation in the game has a “substance” to it. So if you’re targeting one enemy and his ally happens to jump in your way, your attack will hit that ally instead. So although targeting may not be as specific as other MMOs, this opens up a whole new level of strategy and tactics for gamer groups hoping to take down their opponents in PvP.

Although many aspects of "action-oriented gaming" don't thrill me - giving an advantage, however slight, to players with better hardware, for one - a greater degree of mechanical realism appeals to the side of me that demands a certain level of believability in order to fully immerse myself. This is one trend I can wholeheartedly support. But what say you? Do you like your MMOs with a side order of physics, or do you long for the more numerically randomized pen-and-paper days of MMO gaming? Have your say in the Loading... forum, or feel free to email me.

Shayalyn's Epic Thread of the Day

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38 Studios Having Trouble Pitching Investors

It's the economy, I tell ya!

Ten Ton Hammer's news report
that 38 Studios, developers of the fantasy MMOG code named Copernicus,
were having difficulty pitching investors drew conversation from our
community, and from 38 Studios founder Curt Schilling. (Yes, baseball
fans, that Curt Schilling. The whole "pitch" pun was fully intended.)

Schilling reacted to a Ten Ton Hammer community member's comments on a segment in this article claiming that 38's goal was to build a "credible rival" to World of Warcraft. "
I have never, and will never say 'We want to compete with WoW,'" says Schilling. "It's a
stupid and unrealistic goal. What we want to do is create a unique
gaming experience...that millions of
people will want to play."

your take? Is "millions of people" a realistic goal in today's MMOG
climate? Can 38 Studios accomplish what it has set out to do? (Count me
among the people who certainly hope so, and who are cheering them on.) Have your say!

Awesome Quotes from the Epic Thread

this just mean yet another half ass [WoW] clone were it only makes
sense to continue to play WOW (for those that still do), or something
far more Epic?
" - OneEyeRed

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