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We've wrung North America's largest games show for every square ounce of MMOG and RPG information that we possibly can, but the E3 2010 coverage continues to roll out! A look back at the forward-facing show and a some of the biggest trends sweeping the MMO games industry in today's Loading... Return to Innocence.


E3 2010


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  5. Dungeons & Dragons Online (UP 5)

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Last week was an eye-opener for press and MMOG fans alike. Over thirty MMOGs were represented, and only a handful were the sort of mass-produced, low-quality free-to-play games that are supposedly taking over the category (E3 is too expensive a show to not bring your a-game). The rest were true contenders; most in their respective niche, a handful for mainstream success. We'll be separating the cream from the rest of the crop later this week with our E3 2010 award nominations, but for now, let's begin to make some generalizations from the event.

As was the case in years past, E3 2010 provides a useful snapshot of the games industry each year. If we say 25 of those 32 MMOGs were potential top-tier MMOGs, that's nearly 10 more than we saw at the last two big-ish E3's in 2009 and 2006. I'd go as far as to say that the atmosphere was 2005-ish again, back when the days were long, avatar women were few (yet mostly women), and the MMOG market seemed wide open. All this goes to show that if you think MMOGs are dying, people with talent and money apparently disagree with you.

Maybe WoW is starting to look vulnerable, maybe the industry has grown enough so that it can make MMO gamers for all gamers, but whatever the cause, the excitement surrounding MMOG development is back, and in a big way. At least part of that is due to the growing inevitability of a console MMOG that appeals to the gaming mainstream. DC Universe Online looks like it might be the first genuine two-platformer out of the gate. I say "genuine" because the gameplay was stellar on both PS3 and PC, and I can't say I had that experience with previous crossovers), and I say two-platformer because it was announced that PS3 and PC gamers will game separately in DCU. Other two-platformers included The Agency (still kicking, and our E3 2010 interview and demo was very encouraging) and Final Fantasy XIV.

But perhaps more telling was the fact that gamep1,36ads were ubiquitous at E3 2010 - nearly every MMOG demo station had a gamepad perched next to the mouse and keyboard, regardless of platform. Whatever you think of gamepads - I personally think it's a step backwards in terms of interactivity... the mouse and keyboard is both faster and more comfortable over long playsessions - it's clear that developers have gotten the message: MMOGs have to be more exciting and engaging. We've seen titles like DDO and Age of Conan refine the action-driven formula over the past few years, and it's exciting to see that the next crop of games on the whole seem to be balancing pace of gameplay, challenge, and fun nicely.

More impressions, coverage, and more from E3 2010 coming over the course of this week, but what's your take? Is MMO gaming on the upswing? Are you excited to see the category become more action-y? Share your take in the Loading... forum!

Shayalyn's Epic Thread of
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In today's wtf news: Naked guy throws puppy at hell's angels

You can't make this stuff up! Landric shared a news report about a
man who drove up to a Hell's Angels clubhouse near Munich, Germany,
dropped trou', mooned them, tossed a puppy at them and escaped on his
stolen getaway...bulldozer. (The moral of this story is: kids, take
your behavioral meds!) The thread's title alone is enough to make it
epic, but your responses could make it EPIC. Join in, make funny!


Awesome Quotes from the
Epic Thread

" I wish the Hell's Angels had beaten the crap out of that guy. Anybody who throws a puppy has it coming, even if he is nutso. "

- Wihtgar


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in 2010!


Hands-On with Super Hero Squad Online at E3 2010

let the simple control schemes or family friendly nature of the Amazing
Society’s upcoming Marvel Super Hero Squad Online fool you. As one of
the titles that left us genuinely impressed after our hands-on time at
E3 2010, this deceptively simple game certainly packs a solid punch in
the fun department. We put the game through its paces including a quick
run though a group combat mission, zipping around in the social areas
of the game and much more. Read on to discover why this is one title
we’ll be keeping a close eye on in the coming months.

Breaking Radio Silence - A Video Q&A with Jumpgate Evolution's Steve Garvin

Lead Designer Steve Garvin chatted with Ten Ton Hammer at E3 2010 about
what the Jumpgate Evolution team has been up to since we received our
last transmission from NetDevil months ago. How NetDevil is building up
JGE's design tools, story, and overall epic-ness, plus over a minute of
new gameplay video, in this explosive new video from E3 2010.

Exclusive Builds & Behaviors Video - A Look at how LEGO Universe Brings Blocks to Life

knew LEGO Universe delivered the kind of uncomplicated, playful, and
right-brainy fun that the MMOG category needs and deserves, we knew
that players will be able to purchase real-life building kits for their
in-game creations, but what we didn't know was that players will be
able to animate and program their creations to an incredible level of
interaction via an easy to use interface. Watch as Creative Director
Ryan Seabury first shows off the basics of the game, then pulls the
wraps off builds and behaviors at E3 2010!

Grouping Made Epic - Hands on with TERA Group Play at E3 2010

this year we had some single player hands on with TERA. At E3 we got to
try out the group play in a progressive dungeon. How did it play out?
Ten Ton Hammer Executive Editor, Benjamin J. de la Durantaye, recounts
his E3 hands on experience with TERA grouping.

Exclusive Video Q&A with Warhammer 40,000: Dark Millennium Online Creative Director Joe Madureira

known as the founder of Vigil Comics and visionary behind Darksiders,
Joe Madureira has brought his creativity and talent to the Warhammer
40,000: Dark Milennium Online team. THQ couldn't say much about the
highly anticipated Warhammer 40k MMO, but view between the lines In
this brief exclusive video Q&A from E3 2010 and you just might
glean some new details about the game. At the very least, you'll get
another look at the truly epic trailer, and equally epic Chaos Space
Marine in full kit, and some new screenshots from the game!

Warhammer 40,000: Dark Milennium Online E3 2010 Trailer


in time for E3 2010, THQ has released a trailer for Warhammer 40,000:
Dark Millennium Online. This MMOG, based upon the popular Games
Workshop miniatures game, is one of the more eagerly anticipated games
coming down the pipe. Watch the awesome action showcased in the trailer
and dream of smashing Orks underfoot with your mighty Space Marine
Dreadnought! Show your devotion to the Emperor and watch the trailer!


HOT! Exclusive Guild Wars 2 Warrior and Traits Q&A with Lead Designer Eric Flannum

for ArenaNet’s upcoming Guild Wars 2 continues to build as more
gameplay details are revealed. One such aspect of the game that’s been
the hot topic of discussion among fans was the recent announcement of
the Traits system. We had a few questions on how this system will
function in the live game, and while rampant speculation is always fun
sometimes it’s better to go directly to the source. That’s exactly what
we did, and Guild Wars 2 Lead Designer Eric Flannum was awesome enough
to take some time out of his busy schedule to provide us more details
on traits as well as further insights into skill chains and the Warrior


WoW: Addon Raiding Package Review

packages are a popular option for those players that are looking to
save time and energy while still creating an awesome U.I. But are these
addon packages all they are cracked up to be or will they simply wreck
havoc on your U.I.? Join Mem as he answers these questions and more as
he reviews a raiding addon package compiled by AxnJackson11.


StarCraft II - The Fine Art of Rushing

you've been a victim of it for far too long, or are looking to refine
your style from a previous RTS to the new blockbuster sequel, there's
something for everyone in our next guide to StarCraft II. Like it or
not, rushing is a very valid strategy in the game and knowing how to
execute one can also give you the knowledge and tactics needed to stop
a rush coming at you. Often times the game is decided within the first
five minutes of play. When rushing, the game is over within the first
five minutes! Follow these quick tips to ensure that you win more than
you lose when you hit them early.

Flying The Stiletto Interceptor In EVE Online

interceptors is an incredibly effective boon to any PvP fleet in EVE
Online, yet still affordable and accessible to newer players. In this
guide, Ten Ton Hammer Contributing Writer, Space Junkie, explains how
to fit and fly the Stiletto.

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    Beta Hands On Impression at E3 2010
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    and Soul - Rift: Planes
    of Telara
    Gets a Little Bit of Both at E3 2010
  8. href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/events/e3/2010/eon-preview">The
    Beginning of a New MMO Genre - An E3 Preview of style="font-weight: bold;">End of Nations
  9. href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/events/e3/2010/black-prophecy-preview"> style="font-weight: bold;">Black Prophecy E3
    2010 Preview
  10. href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/events/e3/2010/star-wars-clone-wars-adventures-interview"> style="font-weight: bold;">Clone Wars Adventures
    Q&A with Producer Todd Carson
  11. href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/events/e3/2010/agency-interview"> style="font-weight: bold;">The Agency
    Q&A with Lead Designer Rory McGuire
  12. href="#%20http://www.tentonhammer.com/events/e3/2010/dcuo-e3-interview">SOE's
    Jens Andersen and Chris Cao Present DC
    Universe Online
    at E3 2010

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