Last spring I installed Dying Light right into my PlayStation 4, to which I spent literally two hours in the tutorial trying to figure out the controls. I was mad, frustrated, and upset - incapable of using the controller to properly do the parkour demanded out of you to climb a light pole and jump to a roof top. Once I installed it on my PC, I was in love, one of my favorites even now, and within minutes I got past that point and moved on, mastering everything in the game in record time as I could use the mouse to look where I needed to jump, which seemed to have very little error correction.

Fast forward to when I installed the Tales of Symphonia port, one of my favorite all time games, and I had to feel bad. See, Tales of Symphonia was released back on the Gamecube in 2003 and I had to wait over a year to get my hands on a Gamecube and a copy of the game, which I waited for that entire year in order to play it. It is one of the most memorable games for me, including a Mimic that I had trouble getting past. Installing the PC port just destroyed me.

The PC port made me cry figuratively.

It shoveled salt right in my eyes.

It made me not want to play.

and I love the Tales series so much, I've swallowed a few bad games and made a few excuses for it

but I can't make excuses for the PC port.

Not every PC port is bad. There are good PC ports, but then there are the ones that do what Tales does: locks resolution, locks frame rate, locks or breaks vsynch (ahem Saints Row 2), or for some reason breaks things that weren't broken, like Tale's translation on PC is worse than any other port somehow. How does this even happen? To the team's credit, they are working on things, but you know you can push a release date back for something like Tales. There isn't going to be many people new to the series that's going to pile in. People are going to know how it played on the PS3, which was the most accessible time for Tales.

Of course, I mean like Saint's Row 2 where people got like 15~20 FPS there isn't any reason for that. Testing is necessary for these ports and it really ruins the PC experience. For some, like me, keyboard and mouse trumps everything. Gears of War, for instance, came to PC and the port was more impressive to me than the console version.

Yet it's 2016 and we should demand better. Literally, this shouldn't happen these days. People are making games with tin cans and magic words they read in a toilet stall. They should be able to make a port work, especially for something that people can probably emulate without a hitch with these modern day emulators we have. Which is sad, it's not fun, and it shouldn't happen.

Honestly, I'd argue that anyone who makes such a bad port should just... I don't know, feel bad. This shouldn't happen and, while I respect the idea that they're hammering the bugs out, it shouldn't have came out that way. We don't need the PC market, already being assaulted by this flood of sub-par indie games on Steam, to take another "omg PC games are bad cuz of these ports" or whatever people are going to want to say. Even better, don't waste my money with a subpar product that I'm going to purchase based off of my memories of a title that literally takes me back to my childhood.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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