Back from EVE FanFest 2009, The Mittani has a few tips for fans that may be thinking of making the trip themselves next year. From flight prep to picking up women at the bar, be prepared for it all. If you do make the trip out yourself, remember the key component: showers are not optional. Take one, and don't be that guy...

Polar Beer is fairly weak but comes in a huge can and at the high price of free, it gets the job done. If you can't scavenge beer tickets (hint: CCP gives the CSM members and their employees a pile of both types of tickets) try to participate in the 'Live Agent' missions; most of them are silly and mildly entertaining, but you can get beer tickets for winning. Better still, one of the Live Agent missions tasks you to do shots of Brennivin; several goons I know did three shots of Brennivin for free, then won a free beer for their trouble.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016