Few events in EVE Online have altered the balance of power in New Eden like the recent self-implosion of GoonSwarm. Through an unfortunate failure in leadership and a costly oversight, GoonSwarm lost their sovereign territories and the dramatic firestorm that followed altered the balance of power in New Eden forever as one of the most powerful alliances in EVE Online history was disbanded. This week, The Mittani offers up his thoughts on the recent events surrounding GoonSwarm's disbanding and the drama that followed as rival factions rushed to secure the fleet's assets from a rogue CEO.

At 11:30pm on February 2nd, Karttoon disbanded GoonSwarm and began kicking out directors. War broke out between the rogue CEO and the loyalists. Karttoon was banned from the forums and jabber, and a race between Karttoon and the directors began to secure the alliance assets before Karttoon could find and strip their roles.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016