Brian Wheeler Talks PvP and Gamplay in The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online Lead PvP Designer Brian Wheeler takes on questions from fans and promises to deliver the goods.
VG247 took up a bundle of questions from the community and tracked down Brain Wheeler, lead PvP designer for The Elder Scrolls Online to get some answers. While the community questions were not in the most pleasant of tones, Wheeler took each one in stride and provided an answer.

Wheeler answered questions relating to what makes The Elder Scrolls Online different from the multitude of MMORPGs already saturating the market, gameplay, and three-faction PvP.

Well, coming from the PvP side of things I love the fact that we’ve got a three-sided war. It’s not just Red vs Blue. We’ve got a three-way war on an epic scale. Battles with up to 200 people on-screen at once in Cyrodiil. And it runs smoothly!

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Source: A question of trust: TESO dev answers to VG247's readers

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