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This scenario is added to the Mists of Pandaria as of Patch 5.1 and is based on the Alliance attempting to use a little patience when dealing with the Horde who have established a base at the Red Crane Temple.

The scenario is made up of two simple stages. The first is to defend a group of workers as they build up some siege defenses, and the second is to attack the Horde Commander once he has wasted his troops on your defenses.

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Stage 1: Prepare the Defenses

In this first stage you need to help the two groups of laborers in the construction of their defenses. There are several different defenders than can spawn, which ones do is random and of no major effect to the scenario.

Their are two ways to help the defenders in thier work. The first is to search the area for materials that will speed up the construction effort. In addition you need to defend the workers themselves when the Horde sents attackers against them. When this happens make sure you loot the bodies for additional supplies.

Once the Defenses are finished Commander Scargash will send his warriors against you, and they will die against the defenses you setup.

Stage 2: Kill Commander Scargash

The second stage is where you actually make your move on the Horde Commander. Simply clear the elites in front of the Temple of the Red Crane and he will then enter the fight.

A Little Patience – Scenario Achievements

There are several different achievements that can be earned in this scenario, however most of them are just dependant on which set of defenders are randomly spawned.

A Little Patience – Simply complete the scenario.

For the five following achievements, just make sure that you pick up some supplies and turn them in to help with the construction effort.

Bubbletrapped! –Aid in the construction of the Jinyu defenses.

Cannonballer –Aid in the construction of the Dwarf defenses.

I Used to Love Them –Aid in the construction of the Night Elf defenses.

We've Been Dancin' –Aid in the construction of the Pandaren defenses.

Which Came First? –Aid in the construction of the Gnome defenses.

Comments and other ways to earn the achievements

Listed above are our tips on earning the achievements in this scenario, there are many other ways to do them as well. Why don't you share your methods in our comment section below.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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