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style="font-weight: bold;">Getting Started

Loremaster, is a meta-achievement that requires the player to complete
a large amount of quests in every continent in the game. This
achievement is probably one of, if not the most challenging
achievements in the World of Warcraft. Those who attempt this
achievement will find varying degrees of difficulty from player to
player and will more likely than not want to quit due to frustration
from time to time.

Once completed the player will receive the [Loremaster’s
Colors] (a tabard) which will arrive in the mail attached to a
letter from one of the leaders of your faction. Alliance will receive a
letter from Tyrande Whisperwind entitled “Greetings From
Darnassus“, while Horde players will receive a letter from
Cairne Bloodhoof entitled “Greetings From Thunder
Bluff”. Players will also gain the title Loremaster which
will be displayed in this format:

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In Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms players will be asked to complete a
total number of quests across both continents with no regards to the
zone. Outland and Northrend are slightly easier as the player will be
required to complete a set number of quests in each zone on the
continent. The number of quests needed for Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms,
Outland, and Northrend vary from Horde to Alliance. Currently the
numbers look like this:

style="font-weight: bold; text-decoration: underline;">Horde

- 685 Total

- 550 Total

- 595 Total

    Hellfire Peninsula - 90

    Zangarmarsh - 54

    Terokkar Forest - 68

    Nagrand - 87

    Blade’s Edge Mountains - 86

    Netherstorm - 120

- 875 Total

    Borean Tundra - 150

    Howling Fjord - 105

    Dragonblight - 130

    Zul’Drak - 100

    Grizzly Hills - 75

    Sholazar Basin - 75

    Storm Peaks - 100

    Icecrown - 140

- 2,705  
    style="float: right; width: 300px; height: 199px;" alt=""

style="font-weight: bold; text-decoration: underline;">Alliance

700 Total
style="font-style: italic;">

- 700 Total

- 568 Total

    Hellfire Peninsula - 80

    Zangarmarsh - 54

    Terokkar Forest - 63

    Nagrand - 75

    Blade’s Edge Mountains - 86

    Netherstorm - 120

- 875 Total

    Borean Tundra - 130

    Howling Fjord - 130

    Dragonblight - 115

    Zul’Drak - 100

    Grizzly Hills - 85

    Sholazar Basin - 75

    Storm Peaks - 100

    Icecrown - 140

- 2,843

Since each faction requires almost 3,000 quests to complete the
Loremaster achievement, players will find that they will receive the
extra bonus of gaining the title “the Seeker” which
is obtained by completing 3,000 quests.

style="font-weight: bold;">Tips and Tricks

  • Make a plan. Know which
    continent you wish to start with first and stick with it till
    completion. style="float: right; width: 350px; height: 190px;" alt=""
  • While doing Kalimdor or
    Eastern Kingdoms, pick a starting zone to begin from such as Tirisfal
    Glades and go to the starting area (e.g. Deathknell) and start doing
    quests. Finish all quests in the area before moving on.
  • Finish long running quest
    chains to completion. Don’t stop in the middle even if you
    are tempted to do quests along the way. Complete the chain and the
    return to the area you are currently questing in.
  • Keep your “Track
    Low Level Quests” on at all times. Check to be sure
    it’s still on after changing forms, logging off, or zoning.
    Allowing this to turn off will ensure you miss quests causing unneeded
    frustration. This option can be selected with the tracking button on
    your mini map.
  • Before venturing into a
    dungeon try to find all the quests for that particular dungeon if you
    can. Never do a dungeon twice if you don’t have to.
  • Don’t be afraid to
    group with low level players in your zone of choice. They can share
    quests with you that you may have overlooked.
  • Daily/Repeatable quests do
    not appear to count unless they have a differently named prequest that
    unlocks the repeatable version. So do them the first time and then move
  • Seasonal and PvP quests do
    not count towards your total.
  • Do not automatically dismiss
    faction-only locations. You may find quests for your faction here even
    if it is unlikely. Do not let your past knowledge of an area narrow
    your view.
  • If you have previously
    wrecked your goblin reputation without finishing all the quests, fix
    it! You will not be able to reasonably finish this achievement without
    the quests the goblins offer you.  If your goblin reputation
    is still in good standing, be sure to finish Loremaster before
    attempting to gain pirate reputation.
  • Research, research,
    research. is an excellent source of information. Learn to
    use the filters to suit your needs, such as finding those pesky item
    drops that start quests.
  • Be prepared to bust your
    butt, bang your head against your desk and retrace your steps if
    needed. This is not meant to be an easy achievement, be ready to work
    for it.

Easy to Miss Quests

While most quests are easily obtained there are several that seem to
consistently escape the notice of most World of Warcraft players.
Listed below are some of those hard to find, easily missed quests and
quest hubs. So if you find yourself stuck and ready to pull your hair
out try some of these:

style="font-weight: bold; text-decoration: underline;">Kalimdor

Beached Sea Creatures (Alliance Only) - These poor creatures can be
found along the north and south sides of Auberdine along the beach.
These were easily missed in the old days before they had the handy
exclamation point above them. Search these out and if you have not done
them you will knock nine quests off your total.

Switching from one centaur faction to the other in Desolace will open
up 4/5 more quests for you to complete. Painful, but worth it.

Reznak in Durotar will provide two easy to complete quests to Alliance
players, don’t miss them! He is located just south of
Orgrimmar on the right hand side of the road.

style="font-weight: bold; text-decoration: underline;">Eastern

Nathanos Blightcaller located just west of Darrowshire, upon a little
rise will offer a rather long line of quests to Horde players who seek
him out.

Tirion Fording is an out of the way NPC that can be found if you head
directly north just as you enter Eastern Plaguelands (following the
river). He will offer a rather large quest line to players of both

For a more extensive list of often missed quests in Eastern Kingdoms
and Kalimdor please visit href=""
target="_blank">this post
on the official Blizzard forums.

style="text-align: center; text-decoration: underline; font-weight: bold;">Outland


alt="" src="">Completing
your Faction’s (Scryer or Aldor) quests in Shadowmoon Valley
will open quests in Nagrand. These quests can be picked up from Altrius
the Sufferer located in western Nagrand.

alt="" src="">The
Totem of Kar’dash (Both Factions) - If you venture into
Sunspring post you will find a Kurenai Captive inside one of the small
buildings. There will be two brutes guarding him. Kill them and he will
offer you an escort quest. No quest will appear till the two brutes are

alt="" src="">I’m
Saved! - This quest is a rather odd one as the NPC (Kristen DeMeza)
that gives the quest only appears roughly once every hour, and only if
someone manages to save her. This event takes place right inside the
Nesingwary Safari.

alt="" src="">The
Murkblood Invasion Plans drop from the Murkblood Invaders that roam the
roads in Nagrand. You will be sure to run into them at least once on
your travels, kill them for these plans.

Edge Mountains

alt="" src="">Ogri’la
- An easy to miss area located in western Blade’s Edge
Mountains. To open this quest line you must first complete
“Speak with the Ogre” which can be picked up from
V’eru in Shattrath City. Once you turn in this quest you will
be sent on several group quests that can easily be soloed at level 80.
Completing these quests will open up the Ogri’la quest chain.

alt="" src="">A
Meeting Note can be dropped off of Wyrmcult Hewers and Wyrmcult
Poachers in Blade’s Edge Mountains.  These mobs can
be found north of the Circle of Blood. If you happen to be missing one
quest this may be the culprit.

alt="" src="">The
Orb of Grishna can also be found on mobs in Blade’s Edge
Mountains. The Orb drops from Grishna, Falconwings, Scorncrows,
Harbingers, or Matriarchs which can be found north of Raven’s

alt="" src="">They
Stole ME Hookah and Me Brews! (Horde Only) - This quest comes from a
dead troll (T’chali the Witch Doctor). Only his head is
visible so this quest can easily be overlooked. T’chali can
be found near Bloodmaul Post in Blade’s Edge Mountains.

alt="" src="">Fel
Corruptors that can be found near Forge Camp: Anger in
Blade’s Edge Mountains will drop a Damaged Mask when killed.
This Mask will lead you into a quest chain.

alt="" src="">Gorgrom’s
Favor (Alliance Only) - This item drops from Dorgok who can be found
north west of Ruuan Weald in Blade’s Edge Mountains.


alt="" src="">Foreman
Eazelcraz located just behind Thrallmar in a small cave is usually a
quest giver that is overlooked. Once found he gives out four rather
easy to do quests for you to complete.

alt="" src="">The
Missing Missive is another often missed quest. To start this quest you
need to first find the Eroded Leather Case, which is dropped off of
various mobs in the zone.

alt="" src="">Don’t
forget the Outland intro chain counts towards these quests. Start the
chain with “Through the Dark Portal” which can be
picked up right outside the Dark Portal in the Blasted Lands.


alt="" src="">The
Sha’tari Outpost in the southwest corner of Terokkar is
easily missed, be sure to go there and knock out those quests.

alt="" src="">Vindicator
Haylen is standing all by his lonesome just southeast of Auchindoun.
Find him and he will provide you with, “For the
Fallen”, “Return to Sha’tari Base
Camp”, and “Terokkarantuala”

alt="" src="">Skywing
- Find Skywing (a bird) just a bit north of Vindicator
Haylen.  Not only will it add to your achievement but you will
gain a vanity pet after you complete it.

alt="" src="">Escaping
the Tomb -  An escort quest picked up from Akuno who can be
found inside the Shadow Tomb in southern Terokkar.

alt="" src="">Escape
from Firewing Point - An escort quest picked up from Isla Starmane who
can be found inside the largest building in Firewing Point.


alt="" src="">Withered
Basidium - Item dropped from Withered Giants that begins a quest. The
Withered Giants can be found in the Dead Mire.

alt="" src="">“Count”
Ungula’s Mandible - This item starts a quest and drops from
“Count” Ungula who can be found just south of the
Horde town of Zabra’jin.

alt="" src="">Sporeggar’s
quests do count towards this achievement. Keep in mind that as your
reputation increases more quests are unlocked.


alt="" src="">There
are four items that drop in Kirin’Var Village.
Don’t miss these! Conjurer Luminrath drops
Luminrath’s Mantle, Cohlien Frostweaver drops
Cohlien’s Cap, Abjurist Belmara drops Belmara’s
Tome, and Battle-Mage Dathric drops Dathric’s Blade.

alt="" src="">Mark
V is Alive! - An escort quest that can be picked up near the Ruins of
Enkaat. Escort Maxx A. Million Mk. V out of the ruins to complete the

alt="" src="">Escape
from the Staging Grounds - North west of Manaforge Ultris near
Commander Ameer’s transporter pad a friendly Captured
Protectorate Vanguard will spawn. The Vanguard will be attacked by a
gladiator. If you help him he will give you an escort quest.


alt="" src="">Illidari-Bane
Shard - This item begins a quest, and drops from Overseer Ripsaw.
Overseer Ripsaw can be found in Legion Hold.

alt="" src="">The
Journal of Val’zareq: Portends of War - This quest starts by
finding the Journal of Val’zareq. This Journal drops from
Val’zareq the Conqueror who can be found traveling up and
down the Path of Conquest.

style="font-weight: bold; text-decoration: underline;">Northrend


alt="" src="">Coldarra
(the island off the west coast of Borean Tundra) is not a different
zone. The quests here count toward your Borean Tundra quests.

alt="" src="">Iggy
“Tailspin” Cogtoggle (Alliance Only) - Seek out
this NPC located south west of The Geyser Fields which will provide you
with an extra 5 quests under your belt.

alt="" src="">Don’t
forget the Murloc quests in this zone as they can be easily overlooked!
The Murlocs can be found south west of Bor’Gorok Outpost.


alt="" src="">Trident
of the Son - Given by Old Icefin who can be found on the little island
in the north west of the zone.

alt="" src="">It's
a Scourge Device - This quest begins once you have acquired the Scourge
Device. This item drops from the Murloc’s located on
Chillmere Coast. Leads to the follow up quest Bring Down Those Shields.

alt="" src="">The
Slumbering King - This quest is started by finding Mezhen’s
Writings. These Writings drop from Necro Overlord Mezhen who can be
found outside of Gjalerbron which is located in the north of the Fjord.


Champion’s Call! - Begins the Amphitheater of Anguish quests.
There are six quests in this line. This quest is obtained from Shifty
Vickers who can be found in the Dalaran sewers.

alt="" src="">Wanted:
Ragemane’s Flipper - Pick this quest up from a wanted poster
located in Light’s Breach.

alt="" src="">Strange
Mojo - This item will start a very long chain of quests and is worth
finding. The Mojo drops from Champions of Sseratus, Priests of
Sseratus, or Drakkari Snake Handlers all of which can be found neat the
Alter of Sseratus in northern Zul’Drak.


alt="" src="">Return
to Sender - This quest can be picked up from an unfortunately dead
Goblin that can be found just west of The Crystal Vice. Please note
that if you have already done the quest titled Composite Ore, this
quest will be unavailable to you.

alt="" src="">Goramosh’s
Strange Device - Begins the quest “A Strange
Device”. Drops from Goramosh who can be found west of
Star’s Rest.


Timeworn Coffer - Located on the Maker’s Overlook this quest
is picked up from a little box next to one of the pillars.

alt="" src="">Be
sure to do BOTH the Frenzyheart and Oracle quests. This will require
you to earn faction with both, then change and repeat with the opposite


alt="" src="">Mr.
Floppy’s Perilous Adventure (Alliance Only) - This quest can
be picked up  from Emily who is located directly north of

alt="" src="">The
Damaged Journal - Find this Journal just outside of Thor Modan and
begin a quest to collect it’s pages.


alt="" src="">The
Armor of Darkness - Actually this is the 4th step in the Iron Colossus
chain. Most people miss this quest because you need to get a Dark Armor
Sample to drop from a Stormforged War Golem. These can be found around
the Snowdrift Plains. Once you find this piece the chain continues.

alt="" src="">SCRAP-E
- This quest begins by finding the SCRAP-E Access Card which drops from
Library Guardians. Library Guardians can be found between the Terrace
of the Makers and the Snowdrift Plains.

alt="" src="">Your
first turn in of an Everfrost chip to the Sons of Hodir counts towards
this quest line. If you are missing just one quest finding one of these
may push you over the edge.


alt="" src="">Jagged
Shards - Quests begins when you loot a Jagged Shard from a Spiked
Ghoul. Spiked Ghouls can be found around the Fleshworks.

alt="" src="">I’m
Not Dead Yet! -Escort quest that starts at Father Kamaros who is
located on a ledge near the Fleshworks.

alt="" src="">Avenge
Me! (Horde Only) - Given from a Dying Berserker. Find one of these
woundedr soldiers laying face down in The Broken Front. Speak with him
and ask him how you can help and he will offer you this quest.

style="width: 460px; height: 170px;" alt=""

Useful Mods and Websites

While doing this achievement you should make use of any mods and/or
websites that you can find that will aid you in your progress. I have
listed several of my personal suggestions below:

- Helps your to finish your current quests in the easiest and quickest
manner. It also has a database of quests, monsters, and items allowing
you to pinpoint on your map where to go to complete your quest. I
personally have never had any issues with this mod, however it has been
reported that it can cause in game lag.
- An invaluable resource for
information. This site has numerous filters you can use to see
every quest in a zone. Especially useful for finding those dropped
items that start quests. Learn to use it, and use it often. Wowhead
search results are limited to 200, though there are more than 200 items
that can begin quests. To make the most of your experience, filter your
results by zone or you may miss some.

- In patch 3.3 Blizzard opened up the option to allow you to get your
quest history from the server! This means you can finally see which
quests you have completed. This mod will allow you to query the server
in game, providing you a list of quests for each zone detailing which
you have done, never done, and what quests you are currently working
on. A must have!

target="_blank">Blizzard’s Quest Discussion
Forums- Bring these up and type
in Loremaster in the search box and reap the rewards. Reading these can
provide you with useful information from those who have completed the
achievements and from those who are still working towards it.

To read the latest guides, news, and features you can visit our World of Warcraft Game Page.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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