The All Saints' Wake event is Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn’sversion of a halloween event and all and all, like previous events, is rather simple. You can start it in any city and as such the quests differ a little bit based on where you start, but overall you’ll be following through the same motions - finding NPCs, talking to them, and uncovering the true secrets behind the troupe.

The main reward is two parts, the first is a costume that everyone can get even off of the merchant, the second part is an alternate version of the costume which comes only from completing the quest line.


This is “The Howling Spirit” which can be purchased or given as a quest reward for starting the quest.

Howling Spirit

This is “The Wailing Spirit” a quest reward after you finish the line. The costume changes the “ahhhh” face to a “mwahahaha” face.

Wailing Spirit

Finally the pumpkin head:

pumpkin head

Note on Times

The quests only run during the night time. If it’s not night, some steps (or even starting the quest chain) can’t happen. The NPCs are still there though, so you have to idle about until the quests unlock at night. Spooky!

Quest Walkthrough

The quest itself is rather simple. You’ll start off by talking to Shifty Thesbian who will start you on your quest to trick others, obtain candy, and eventually find out who the Impresario is. There is little reason to go over most of the steps because they generally all take place in the limited area of the event givers. For Show Me the Candy you’ll visit each of the three cities and interact with three NPCs to obtain three candies, which you’ll put in the magic pot. For I Burn For You you’ll simply light four warding lanterns, all within the city. For Monstrous Mummy you’ll light the warding lantern, speak with it, then talk to various city NPCs to uncover who the Impresario is.

Very simple, but the point of doing it all is to obtain “The Wailing Spirit” which is a much better, at least in my opinion, halloween outfit than “The Howling Spirit.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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