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Not everyone is out to explore or sit back and casually level. Some need that rush of speeding through the levels so they can join their friends in the endgame. That's exactly what this guide is designed to do, get you to level 70 as fast as possible.

This continues from our rough 1-60 leveling guide and takes a differnt approach. We take you through quest by quest so that you know exactly what quests to do and in what order. We draw from various resources, mostly our own experience, to bring you this very valuable information for getting to level 70 as fast as possible.

So here you go! Happy adventures! As a reminder this guide is currently being created and as such will be updated frequently. Check back often to see more!

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Level Sixty to Sixty One - Hellfire Peninsula

To start off, save yourself a little bit of time and pick up the Nethergarde Bitter from Nethergarde keep on your way to Outland. Why? Well a quest requires it and it's really annoying to walk all the way back to Nethergarde to pick it up.
Start off by picking up the quest "Through the Dark Portal" at the entrance of the Dark Portal just outside of it. Go to Commander Duron who is on the otherside of the portal and turn it in and accept "Arrivial in Outland". Take the Griffon to Honor Hold while accepting "Journey to Honor Hold"..
Once at Honor Hold turn in "Journey to Honor Hold" and pick up "Force Commander Danath". Head to the castle and turn in "Force Commander Danath" and pick up "The Legion Reborn" and "Know Your Enemy"
Head out of Honor Hold towards about 51,60ish where there is a tower. Turn in "Know your Enemy" and pick up "Fel Orc Scavengers" along with "Waste not, Want not". Then head to 61,59 and turn in "The Legion Reborn" and pick up "The Path of Anguish".

At about 60,50 there is a large group of Bonechewer Orcs along with tons of broken machine parts. Pick up the machine parts while killing orcs at the same time to get two of these quests done at once.
Next up demons need to be slayed. Head to 68,55 or 65,45 and kill a Dreadcaller, 6 Infernal Warbringers, and 4 Flamewalker Imps. This is for "The Path of Anguish" and can be kind of hard since you may get a good deal of enemies on you at one time from spawns and pathing. Afterwards head back to 61,59 and turn "The Path of Anguish" while picking up "Expedition Point". Then head for 71,61.
At the "Expedition Point" (it's the broken Felreaver with the all the Alliance on it) turn in "Expedition Point"while picking up "Disrupt Their Reinforcements". Go north east and kill demons at 71,56 for 8 Demonic Rune Stones. Afterwards use the dynamite you were given on the portals at 72,58 and 71,55.
Head back to 71,61 and turn in "Disrupt Their Reinforcements". Then accept "Mission: The Murketh and Shaadraz Gateways". This is the bombing run, so be ready for some fun! Talk with Wing Commander Dabir'ee who will put you on an armored gryphon. When you're flying, you'll fly over a portal. Click on the bomb when you get over it and the circle will turn green. Take out both portals and return and turn in "Mission: The Murketh and Shaadraz Gateways". Then accept "Shatter Point" and get on the gryphon again. This time you'll fly to a floating Island near the Dark Portal.

At Shatter Point accept "Wing Commander Gryphongar" and "Mission: The Abyssal Shelf" and "Got o the Front" (the later two are obtained at a tower). Pick up "Return to the Abyssal Shelf" from Gryphoneer Windbellow and fly out to Force Camp Front.

At Force Camp Front turn in "Go to the Front" and pick up "Forge Base Mageddon" only if you have a group to help you with it. Return to Shatter Point and then fly from the real Gryphon Master to Honor Hold.
Accept "The Longbeards" and "An Old Gift" from the inn and "The Path of Glory" along with "Weaken the Ramparts" from the castle. "Weaken the Ramparts" is an instance quest, so only get it if you plan to run some of Hellfire Citadel. At an exterior tower you can turn in "Waste Not, Want Not" and pick up "Laying Waste to to the Unwanted" along with being able to turn in "Fel Orc Scavanegers" and picking up "Ill Omens" along with "Unyielding Souls". That's a ton of quests!
Head to the Gan'arg cave which is nearby the tower (you can't miss it) where you'll find "This Caves-a-Rocking" and "A Job for an Intelligent man. Kill Sappers until the quest is done then return to pick up "The Mastermind" which involves killing Z'kral. You can probably solo him or just grab a help of a friend.
Outside of the cave is time for one of the most annoying starter quests ever... "A Job for an Intelligent Man". All outside the cave and across the gash are these things of rolling dirt which you need to kill. This may take awhile... don't bother with hellboars if you've picked up a hellboar quest yet, those are to be done later.
Head on out to the Zeppelin Crash at 49,75 and accept "Incase of Emergency..." and "Ravager Egg Roundup". For the first you'll find the debris all over the place near the Zepplin. Go ahead and get the parts now. For the second, we'll do it later.
Head down to the Armory which is near 53,83 and kill the various ghosts for "Unyielding Souls". There is a busted house to the south of the armory which is near the edge of the world for "An Old Gift". Be careful here, some of the ghosts are VERY annoying like the knights who will charge you. This is worse on a PvP server.
Zeth'gor time, head out to 69,75 and kill the various orcs there for one single cursed talisman. I got mine on the first try, results may vary. Return to the expedition and pick up "Cursed Talismans". Personally I did this now on my Paladin but you can hold off till later if there isn't enough people clearing the camp out where you can easily get to the various spawns.
Head northward to the Path of Glory (the long road between the citadel and the Dark Portal). Here you want to blow up the catapults near the entrance to the portal and pick up 8 skulls. Both quests are easy if you can distract the orcs to blow up the catapults and if no one is ganking you on the road.
Now turn in all of the quests near HH (Honor Hold) and pick up "The Temple of Telhamat" and "Looking to the Leadership". Be sure to turn in the quest at the entrance to the mine.
Now head off to the Temple of Telhamat which is at north west part of the zone around 22,40.

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