There are a total of four Javelin available in Anthem. Each exosuit serves a unique purpose, and each as a unique playstyle. While you'll have the opportunity to unlock multiple Javelins as you play, these are at set intervals. At the start of the game you'll play a "tutorial Javelin", followed by an unlock at levels 2, 12, 20, and 28.

Unsurprisingly, you'll need to decide quickly as to which Javelin you want to play because until you level up, and play through a fair amount of content, you'll be stuck with it. After road testing each Javelin, here's our thoughts on which might be best for you. 


The safe bet, and a Javelin that's a jack-of-all-trades, the Ranger doesn't excel in any one area. However, the fact it's Mr. Average ensures that it's a balanced exosuit which works well in just about any situation. With solid flight times, good aerial strength, and an excellent array of weaponry, it's a safe pick with a good skill ceiling. Whether you're just starting out in Anthem or want to explore the world, the Ranger is a sensible choice. Based on its kit, and available abilities, the Ranger performs well at range or in melee and can solo effectively without automatically leaping for help. If you like a safe playstyle with few drawbacks, and plenty of gun play, the Ranger is for you.


  • Grenades offer both utility and potent AOE damage
  • Missile Battery is brilliant for clearing a large amount of enemies
  • A safe choice for leveling and exploring
  • Able to use all weapon types except Heavy Weapons


  • Lacks the focus of its rival Javelins. 
  • Inferior mobility to the Interceptor, and far weaker aerial prowess than Storm
  • Its Assault Launcher gear is primarily focused on single target
  • Both its Support Gear are static fields that restrict movement


Taking the traditional "tank" role, the Colossus is a hulking brute of weight and armor. With the highest amount of health and armor out of all Javelins, he's capable of withstanding a huge amount of punishment. Not only is the Colossus fairly mandatory for almost all content (especially at higher difficulties) but he also has the tools neccesary to mitigate large amounts of incoming damage.

With the ability to raise a shield (instead of dodging), the Colossus can worms his way towards the enemy while avoiding damage. If you combine this with the Colossus' ability to wield Heavy weaponry (no other Javelin can), the exosuit has the potential to deal enormous damage. Whether it's wielding a Railgun, or setting entire groups of enemies on fire with the Flamethrower, his kit is a potent mix of survivability and force. 

You might not be taking to the skies like Storm, or darting in and out of combat like the Interceptor, but there's no mistaking your value in a team fight. If you like to be a central figure in a party, and control the flow of a fight, the Colossus is for you. 


  • Fairly mandatory at higher difficulties due to it being "the tank"
  • Battle Cry provides much needed control in encounters
  • Capable of massive damage through Heavy Assault Launchers
  • Ordnance Launchers offer high amounts of AOE damage


  • Little mobility
  • Poor aeriel prowess
  • A much slower playstyle compared to its peers
  • Its Support Gear offers limited utility


Likely to be the most popular Javelin due to the fact it fulfills the "Assassin" archetype, the Interceptor is a frighteningly quick exosuit that's capable of running rings around most enemies. While it's fragile (it only has light armor), it's capable of dealing massive melee damage in a very short space of time. Not only that, but it can also replenish its shielding based on how quick it moves, thanks to a pretty awesome passive ability.

I would argue that out of all the Javelins, the Interceptor has the highest skill ceiling. Not because it has light armor, but primarily due to the fact it has to get up close and personal. Being aware of your positioning, that of the enemy, keeping a constant eye on your health, while darting in and out of combat, can be exhausting. That said, if you're the type of player that likes a challenge, a high skill ceiling, and melee centric gameplay, the Interceptor is for you.


  • Unrivalled mobility
  • Exceptional melee potency
  • Ridiculously agile, and super fun to play
  • Triple-dash is awesome


  • Very fragile if played badly
  • Its need to be in melee range places it in constant danger
  • Needs to constantly move to maximize its shield return
  • Undoubtedly set to be the most popular Javelin


The Storm is the "mage" of the Javelin suits, and is capable of surviving for considerable periods of time. Unlike its peers, the Storm excels at aerial combat and spends a great deal of its play in the air, bombarding foes from above. Success with Storm is largely determined by your ability to position well, but also master airborne combat. 

With the ability to hover over the battlefield, the Storm Javelin remains vulnerable to targetted fire, and with minimal armor, its aerial prowess is both a help and a hindrance. With many of its abilities consisting of area of effect attacks, Storm is brilliant for softening up groups of enemies, while offering particularly high damage. Unsurprisingly, much of this potency comes at a cost, and despite some tools to mitigate damage (such as Wind Wall), the Storm Javelin is undoubtedly a glass-cannon. Even so, if you like to blow enemies to pieces, while dealing the highest damage out of all the Javelin exosuits, Storm is for you. 


  • Amazing AOE potential
  • A fun, powerful playstyle with plenty of damage
  • The go-to Javelin for quick clear 
  • Quickening Field is amazing for group fights


  • Very fragile if focused
  • Requires a skilled pilot to maximize air time
  • Undoubtedly weaker than peers in confined spaces
  • Similarly to Interceptor, it has a high skill ceiling that's not for everyone

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Last Updated: Feb 25, 2019

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