World of Warcraft Etiquette - BC

Burning Crusade Etiquette Update

Welcome to another edition of World of Warcraft Etiquette, now with Burning Crusade in mind, there's a lot more things you could keep in mind to stay in players's good sides and earn a favorable reputation with those of your own (and sometimes opposite!) faction!


Don't idle in battlegrounds, we know everyone wants those honor points for those awesome pieces of PvP gear, but don't hold your team back while you're at it - if you can't commit time to playing with your faction, let someone else who can fight do it! You'll get way more points if you win, and losing will always make people single out the AFKers or idlers in a group.

Don't call out people on doing their job(s) wrong in battlegrounds, it will most likely upset them and make people collectively start attacking you. Do your best and if you want optimal experiences in PvP, try to join a premade group in your server!


Don't idle or AFK close to the mailbox! Many players are nearby and sometimes obstruct the views on capital city mailboxes, preventing them from reaching them comfortably, this is frowned upon and while Blizzard won't do a thing about it it will net you a bad reputation if you're part of the problem.

Always mention which city you're in when requesting trades or enchants - remember, with the inclusion of Shattrath and the combined city trade channels, people can see you messages in all of the cities, so be kind enough to specify where you are and/or where you would like to meet!

Always answer questions even if they seem silly - not everyone is an expert at the game and has reached high levels; if someone wants to know where to get your gear or your mount and you have a spare moment, let them know! being friendly goes a long way with people.

Don't look down upon others! If someone has a slow flying mount or hasn't done several quests of a chain, do your best to help them or at least let them know what they're missing. If you have an epic flying mount, try not to show it off too much as it rubs off badly on other players and will start giving them the wrong impression.

Don't grief people on meeting stones! Especially on PvP servers, meeting stones are a source of major conflict as many players from both factions need their friends or party members to start a dungeon. There's plenty of world PvP to be done elsewhere.

Try to be considerate when charging money for your primal nether. Ideally, try to ask for the ongoing price and not extra if you consider your recipe is something rare. Being polite and helpful to others will make them recommend you and get you more work!

Don't roll on more primal nethers than you will ever use - remember, they're highly valuable and if you won't bother crafting for others or for yourself, then let someone else who can use them roll and have a go at them!

Always know if you have the time or not to commit to a full dungeon clear, and let your party know if you need to leave early or not - some dungeons can take from 45 minutes to 2 hours, like Shadow Labyrinth, and it's hard to replace someone mid-run

This is but a small part of etiquette you must show during your Burning Crusade travels, as always, being polite goes a long way with most players!

Got different tactics, tips, strategies, questions or comments? Email me at [email protected]!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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