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Black Desert Online, like many MMO’s, requires players to amass large amounts of money. Fortunately for you, it’s also surprisingly easy to earn silver and there are various ways you can go about it quickly. Some are time consuming, others relatively painless but all will guarantee you become rich in a very short space of time.


Fishing can be particularly lucrative if you catch the right fish.

One of the most pain-free ways of earning money, Fishing is a particularly lucrative trade because the barrier for entry is so low. Having the ability to fish while you’re AFK allows you to fill up your inventory and when you come back, sell those fish on. Some fish can be worth tens of thousands of silver, so it’s in your best interest to fish as often as possible. As we’ve also mentioned in our guide, it’s best to sell your fish at locations as from away from the source. The purchase price is then increased and you’ll receive maximum profit. It’s also important to note that fish will deteriorate in quality, so be sure to sell them at their best.

Horse Breeding

Find yourself a male horse to put out to stud and you'll earn some serious money.

Players need horses to quickly travel the map so it’s as no surprise that they’re in demand. There’s two methods of earning silver from horse breeding. The first is to find yourself a male horse and place it on the breeding market. Doing this allows others to utilise him as a stud to breed with their own, with you receiving money for the service. The second is to use your female horses, pay for a stud and sell the foal. Either one works well but I’d argue that a male horse that’s the best available will always be sought after.


Grinding itself isn’t what really earns you money, but the drops you obtain from the enemies that you kill. Although the silver return is OK from just killing them, as you improve your knowledge against a particular creature it’s surprisingly lucrative. If you also play a class that makes light work of farming enemies, it’s even better. If I can give any advice it’s to always ensure that your inventory is empty when you start and be sure to bring some health potions. Finally, always try to list your items rather than vendoring them - you’ll gain much more money.


Buy low. Sell high. That has been my moto in Guild Wars 2 for many years and I’ve made a fortune in the process. The same principles apply in Black Desert Online with the exception you’re often selling to NPC’s rather than players.

For trading to be possible, you need to manage nodes. These are specific locations in Black Desert Online that you can control and benefit from, by spending Contribution Points. Once you’ve secured two nodes (nodes are always a distance apart) you’re then able to begin trading. Items that you can make a profit should be below their initial value and if they are, you can usually acquire and flip these. I’ll have a full guide on trading of this type very soon.


As a final means of making silver, Crafting will always be lucrative. Whether it’s making experience scrolls for quicker leveling, or feeding up your work force, there’s always a means of making a profit. The major downside to crafting is that it’s not only time consuming but requires an initial and sizeable sum of silver to get started.

Think I've missed out an area that can earn players some serious money? Let me know in the comments below and I'll add it to the guide.

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Last Updated: May 24, 2016

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