Black Desert Online is surprisingly easy to level up in. The vast majority of it involves grinding enemies but fortunately for you, it's fun and incredibly quick. It's possible to reach maximum level within around 11 hours if you know exactly where to go. Thanks to Genchimaru over on Reddit, he has been kind enough to provide us with his leveling path and images of where you'll need to visit to cap quickly. 

Hidel Quarry - Level 10-15 (Imps)

Moretti Plantation - Level 15-18 (Scarecrows)

Castle Ruins - Level 18-21 (Al Rhundi Bandits) 

Glish Swamp - Level 21-24 (Frogans)

Bloody Monastery - Level 25-29 (Cultists)

Orc Camp/Southern Neutral Zone - Level 29-31 (Red Orcs)

Birhagi Den - Level 30-32 (Bandits)

Mountainside of Delphe Knights Castle - Level 30-34 (Harpies)

Abandoned Land - Level 34-39/40

West of Keplan - Level 40-44 (Chimera)

Lake Kaia/Catfishman Camp - Level 44-50 (Catfish)

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Last Updated: May 24, 2016

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