Blackwing Lair


1.0 Introduction
1.1 Razorgore the Untamed
1.2 Vaelastrasz the Corrupt
1.3 Supression Room
and Broodlord Lashlayer

1.4 Firemaw
1.5 Ebonroc and Flamegor
1.6 Chromaggus
1.7 Nefarian

Razorgore the Untamed

Razorgore is the first encounter in Blackwing Lair and has no enemies beforehand. His room is the “breeding” room of sorts for Nefarian’s new army. The raid should all enter into Blackwing Lair then head to the southwest corner, hugging the wall. From here the raid can buff up and be ready to move out against their first enemy.


The raid needs to be organized in one of two ways. You should either have two groups of 20 players or four groups of 10 players. The way I have always known it to be done is with four groups of 10 players. Outline which groups are doing what. Be sure to evenly spread out your Mages, Druids, and Paladins/Shamans along with “runners” who will “kite the enemies around the room. Your “runners” need one priest dedicated to healing them.

Next you will need a mind controller which is basically a hearty person (Warrior or Paladin) who can take a few hits if necessary. This person will keep Razorgore mind controlled and use Razorgore to break the eggs in the room.

You also need a main tank and an off-tank for phase 3, so these people need to established beforehand.

The following should be known, if Razorgore is killed at anytime before all of the eggs are destroyed, he will destroy the entire raid no matter how many hit points everyone has. If at anytime you fail to kill Razoregore then the whole room will respawn.


Stage One

The first stage involves the entire raid charging the guards located on the platform to the north. The raid should kill all of the guards then kill Grethok. This should be absolutely no challenge at all, as these enemies are extremely weak.

Stage Two

Stage two is where things get tough! In each corner various Dragonkin (insane melee DPS), Legionnaires (regular melee), and Blackwing Mages (very good AoE DPS). These continue spawning until there is a total of forty (to fifty, some claim to it to be variable) enemies in the same room. The Blackwing Mages and Legionnaires can be sheeped while the Dragonkin can be sleeped by Druids.

Your raid should be set-up where there are either two groups in each corner or one group at each side (north and south of the platform, in the middle). The first enemy out of the gates (one in each corner) should be put to sleep by a druid or sheeped by a mage. From here you need to have your Druids and Mages crowd control all of the enemies that come out while a Warrior using simply using sunder to break the crowd control and aggro it onto himself. Then the Warrior should use the platforms to his advantage and “kite” the enemies around (apply Challenging Shout and Piercing Howl to keep aggro) while they are snared.  If the Warrior heads ontop of a platform then jumps down then the enemies will path around the platform, giving the Warrior more time to stay ahead of them. A priest should follow each of the four warriors and apply light heals to keep him up. If a Priest gets aggro, unless saved, he will cause a chain reaction where the “train” of enemies will attack the other priests and cause the raid to wipe. So the Priests have to constantly watch their aggro. While the Warriors are kiting around the enemies, you should have the groups at the door continue to crowd control everything that comes out while at the same time slay any Blackwing Mages.

Some guilds (I've never done this personally) choose to set up four groups north and four groups south and just slay everything that comes out of the door. This is viable as long as the Dragonkin are sheeped and the Mages are killed as a priority. It's much more simplier (and relies on the entire raid instead of four Warriors and four Priests) but can quickly wear down a raid if the eggs arn't destroyed fast enough.

While all of this is going on, the controller will have Razorgore mind controlled (using the orb on the platform, which can be accessed from the floor for more security) and using him to break eggs. Everytime the controller is hit the mind control will last less and there is a recharge on the time before Razorgore can be re-mind controlled. He is marked aggressive not only to you, but the various enemies in the zone so it’s a good idea to make sure your controller is a very hearty and very careful person. If he dies, remember, the entire raid dies with him (and everything resets of course).

Once mind controlled, the controller will have use of the following abilities:

Calm Dragonkin: Puts a Dragonkin to sleep! Very good for keeping them crown controlled.

Firebolt Volley: A very dangerous spell, it causes Razorgore to unleash a powerful AoE that hits all of the Dragons/Orcs in the room. Very dangerous as it causes all of them to begin attacking him (which is not good). This should be used only in emergencies to buy the raid some time (since the incoming enemies are grouped up and can be feared/frost nova’d.

Destroy Egg: Destroys one of the eggs in the room every 7 seconds.

Cleave: Does a large amount of damage to all nearby enemies. It’s generally considered that if you are using this then you’re probably wiping anyway.

Using Break Egg, the controller should make it their priority to break eggs. When the last egg is broken, stage 3 begins and the person controller Razorgore will have an extra amount of aggro already generated. So your main tank should break the last egg (do the /dance emote to break the mind control).

If things turn bad, everyone can collapse to the middle and begin AoE fearing while Razorgore kills any of them low on health with Firebolt Volley. This should only be done with a few eggs left, as you can only keep the mass amounts of enemies feared for 20 seconds or so.

Stage 3

At the start of the third stage the entire raid needs to move to the north corner. The Dragons and Orcs that were previously attempting to stop you will flee and Razorgore will begin attacking the last person who had him mind controlled. He should be moved to the southwest corner (where you buffed) to be tanked while the Rogues move to his side and an off-tank stays behind him building aggro. He’s immune to Taunt and has a skill known as Conflagrate which removes the aggro of everyone infront of him, thus the off-tank behind him.

At this point all you need to do is keep him under control between your two (or three) tanks and just slay him! He uses his Firebolt Volley on the entire raid, but it’s not that dangerous and can easily be kept under control with bandages and flash heals.

Once he is dead, head to the gate to Vaelastrasz’s room (but do not enter). Good work!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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