Blade and Soul Soul Shield’s can be confusing and in this guide, I’ll provide you with all that you need to know about the statistical bonuses these fragments provide and how you go about getting them. In simple terms and as just briefly mentioned, Soul Shield’s provide your character with improved statistics.

Soul Shield’s come in sets, with 8 equippable fragments in a pie-like structure. Equipping 3, 5, and 8 of the same set improves their benefits. Like other stat-bearing items, soul shield fragments can be refined by offering other soul shield fragments. Soul shield rarities range from normal (white) to legendary (orange).

Stats and Sets

Players can carry an alternative Soul Shield to that of their “main” one. The idea behind this is that you’re then free to swap your stats based on your current circumstance (notably PvE and PvP). Some Soul Shield fragments have different stats based on the fact that when you collect one, its total stats are randomised:  they will always have the same type of stats, but the numbers will change.

Where Soul Shield Sets are concerned, each piece belongs in a set - no exceptions. By equipping all parts of a set your character will gain visual benefits such as glows or additional animations to your character. Similarly to the Rune system in Guild Wars 2, if you don’t want the full stat benefits of all 8 fragments, you can match different Soul Shield’s for additional but different stat bonuses.


Like most things in Blade and Soul, you can refine Soul Shield’s so that they gain additional stats. This single enchantment provides varying stats to the fragment, marked in green (the base stats of the fragment are white). Seemingly and this is key to maximizing your stats, the better the base stats the higher the enchanted stats will be. To upgrade a Soul Shield you need the following:

1. The main Soul Shield piece

2. Additional statistical Soul Shield pieces

3. Fusion Powder

4. The item offered must be a similar level to the item being enchanted, and/or of a lesser/ equal rarity.

Soul Shield Acquisition

Soul Shield’s like any item can be obtained in several ways. It can at times be difficult to find the final piece you might need.

1. Spin the Wheel of Fate by gaining orbs from a boss monster in the wild. There’s several in the starting area (around level 10 that you can easily farm). Each spin provides a chance to grant multiple pieces of a random Soul Shield and each Wheel of Fate has its own set.

2. Monster drops (random)

3. Completing quests

4. Exchanged by Hero Cards

5. Boss drops (random instance)

6. Crafting


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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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