Blade & Soul, similarly to Guild Wars 2, has a robust wardrobe system. In simple terms, the wadrobe system allows you to freely customize how your character looks while in the game world. Unlike other massively multiplayer games, Blade and Soul has very little armor. In fact, the vast majority of all of it is purely cosmetic (everything revolves heavily around your Soul Shield and your weapon). Based on that, you're free to change your look as often as you like, including that of your pet, if you're a summoner. 

Accessing Your Wardrobe

Firstly, open your menu from the bottom right hand corner of the screen. On the menu bar, to the right hand side, is the Wardrobe icon. You can also access this quickly by pressing F3. You'll note a long list of costume names on the left side - these can all be found in game and form the complete Wardrobe collection. 

To preview any of the clothes, simply click on them and choose the try on button (to the upper left of your portrait) or press Shift + RMB. In the upper left of the window you can also further refine your search. 

In order to link items, you can select the piece you want and press the "more" tab, indicated by three dots. You're then able to copy this and paste it into chat. Finally, once you want to equip an item it's totally free as long as you already own it and there are no restrictions between Premium and Free to Play accounts. 

Background and Race Changes

For pure pleasure you can change the race of your character, including their gender, the portrait and location behind them. I've found this section particularly useful during early creation of my characters as it allows me to see how they look in all outfits and locations and if I'm unhappy with it, you can quickly remake your character before wasting any leveling time. 

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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