Cho’gall, the leader of the the Twilight’s Hammer and emissary of the Old Gods, will be your final adversary in the Bastion of Twilight. There are a variety of different ways to do this fight on normal mode. It can be as easy or difficult as you choose to make it. We’ll go over a strategy that will trivialize the majority of mechanics in this fight and makes it the easiest of the three end bosses.



    • Corrupted Blood – Stacking debuff that increases damage taken by Corruption of the Old God by 2% per stack. Stacks to 100.
    • Corruption: Accelerated – Increases the rate of corruption significantly. Occurs at 25% corruption. This effect must be dispelled.
    • Corruption: Sickness – Occurs at 50% corruption. Causes you to vomit and deal damage in a 5 yard frontal cone.
    • Corruption: Malformation – Occurs at 75% corruption. Causes an eyeball to grow from your back which casts Shadow Bolts at friendly players.
    • Corruption: Absolute – Occurs at 100% corruption. You become immune to heals but deal double damage and cast spells instantly.

Phase One

    • Conversion – Cho’gall mind controls random players causing them to channel at him giving him Twisted Devotion. This effect is interruptable.
    • Twisted Devotion – Cho’gall gains 10% increased damage for 20 sec. This effect stacks.
    • Flame’s Orders – Cho’gall gains 20,000 added fire damage per melee strike and spawns patches of flame on the ground.
    • Shadow’s Orders – Cho’gall gains the aspect of shadow which causes AoE damage to everyone in the room when Cho’gall melees.
    • Fury of Cho’gall – Cho’gall targets a beam at the tank inflicting 30,000 physical and shadow damage and increases damage taken by that target by 20%. Lasts 45 seconds.
    • Summon Corrupting Adherent – Cho’gall summons an add from the East or West side of the room (this alternates) which will attempt to cast Depravity. Must be interrupted and killed. These also cast Corrupting Crash.
    • Fester Blood – The blood of dead Corrupting adherents comes to life as Blood of the Old God. These bloods must be killed and kited.

Phase Two

    • Fury of Cho’gall - Cho’gall targets a beam at the tank inflicting 30,000 physical and shadow damage and increases damage taken by that target by 20%. Lasts 45 seconds.
    • Corruption of the Old God – Cho’gall deals 5,000 damage per two seconds to everyone in the room.
    • Darkened Creations – Cho’gall summons 4/10 (10/25) eyeballs with 166,000 hit points to his aid. These must be killed.
    • Debilitating Beam – Reduces healing and damage done by 75%. Inflicts 5,000 damage every second. Causes additional corrupted blood. Lasts 10 seconds. This is cast by the Darkened Creations.

Setting Up

Tanks: 2

DPS: 5

Healers: 3

Due to the Fury of Cho’gall ability and the add that is spawned periodically doing this fight with one tank is not an option. You will need 2. Cho’gall has an enrage timer that while not horribly strict will almost certainly wipe you if you bring less than 5 dps. Healing on this fight isn’t too crazy if the avoidable damage isn’t a factor. Three healers may be overkill for some guilds.


There are a few tactics that can be used on this fight that will make the more difficult parts of the fight extremely easy. Don’t be intimidated by the ability list or the Corruption mechanic, Corruption won’t be a factor if the fight is executed properly.

Start the fight with Cho’gall positioned roughly in the center of the room with the raid stacked behind him. You’ll want to be stacked so that the players that are mind controlled by Worship are nearby to be interrupted. AoE CC is good for interrupting but Interrupt abilities like kick and pummel also work. Arcane Torrent is a god send for this mechanic. When Cho’gall enters the Flames Orders state he will drop patches of fire on the ground. These are easily avoidable and should not be stood in.

After a while Cho’gall will summon the first Corrupting Adherent. It will spawn at the portals on either the left or right side of the room. This add must be interrupted using two interrupters and should be dragged to either one of the portal areas or the stairs by the entrance to be killed. We’ll go over the reasons for this shortly. Corrupting adherents will send out Corrupting Crashes which are arcing bolts of shadow that explode upon hitting the ground. Ranged DPS and healers must be watching for these since they will be targeted. They will have to move out of them since the Crash causes a significant increase in Corruption.

When the Adherent dies it will spawn a black puddle that will stay until phase two. These puddles are important because when Cho’gall casts Fester Blood (usually occurs roughly after each add dies) the puddles of water will spawn 5 Blood of the Old God each. This is why you stack the puddles in one of the alcoves in the room or the stairs. You want the Bloods to be stacked so that ranged DPS can AoE and control them. These are the biggest culprit for increasing Corruption on the raid. The Bloods are susceptible to nearly every form of crowd control, and should not be attacked by melee. This is a problem for the ranged DPS to solve.

The reason for the second tank will become evident when Cho’gall uses Fury of Cho’gall. This debuff will essentially make him un-tankable by whoever is hit by it. What can be done is have the off-tank taunt Cho’gall right as he is about to use it. This way the off-tank will eat the debuff and the other tank can taunt back and resume what he was doing without worrying about doing a tank switch!

Cho’gall’s other gimmick in phase 1 is Shadow’s Orders. This will be a significant AoE on the entire raid. Healers should be ready for it and use cooldowns if necessary.

Phase 2 is mostly about managing the Darkened Creations. They will spawn in a circle around Cho’gall. A cheesy solution to this problem is to move Cho’gall up onto his throne for Phase 2. This will cause the tentacles to spawn in a stack on top of Cho’gall where they can easily be AoE’d down. Phase two starts at 25% and is an all out burn phase. If you’ve managed to push him to phase 2 by the time there are 3-4 Adherents spawned then you should have absolutely no problem with the enrage. Save your bloodlust and DPS cooldowns for this phase as well as any healing cooldowns that you can spare. If your raid was good about avoiding stacking Corruption in the first phase then this is actually the easy part of the fight.

Good luck!


Nightmare Vs. Cho'gall

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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