With the Lumina quest about to begin (July 2), and considering its stages have been previously datamined, it's fair to say that most players will want to get their hands on this new Exotic. Capable of healing allies, this - combined with a Warlock's Rift - will likely become a Raid spam-a-thon.

1: Grab The Original Thorn

“The Light lives in all places, in all things. You can block it, even try to trap it, but the Light will find its way.” – The Speaker

Your system positioning device is active and paired to a chest that is currently located somewhere in the You’ve discovered a letter in the ruined campsite where you found your mangled Thorn. The sender purports to be the legendary Shin Malphur, a supposed do-gooder with a complex approach to doing good. He claims he’s entrusting you with the original Thorn, a hateful weapon capable of permanently killing Guardians. The gun is hidden away somewhere, and to find it, you’ll have to use an enclosed system positioning device to track it down. Your Ghost observes that the signal changes once an hour, on the hour, so you’ll have to be quick.

Firstly, you'll need to tract down The Original Thorn that belonged to Dredgen Yor. When the update goes live tomorrow, you'll find the starting quest in the EDZ at Trostland. Here's a video on it.

2: Kill Enemies Without Reloading

"Fight together or die alone."- Lord Shaxx

Your project is going well. The gun is more than mechanically sound; it has synergized with your Light. But unlike your quest to restore your Thorn, there are no mentors here. This is you, forging a new path, following your intuition in search of a strong symbol of hope. If there's one thing you've learned since the Red Legion invaded, it is that single Guardians fall alone. Fireteams of like-minded individuals persevere.

Once you've started the quest, you'll need to kill enemies without reloading. Needless to say you'll have to work quickly, and track the locations over the course of 60 minutes. 

3: Cleansing Lumina

Complete activities throughout the solar system with Rose equipped. Fighting in a fireteam with other Rose wielders grants the most efficient progress.

Once you've obtained Lumina, it'll need cleansing. Simply complete activities with Rose equipped.

Step 4: Will of Thousands and Defeat Xol

You feel ready to complete your project, and you have a suitably poetic scheme to do it: You plan to reclaim lost Light from the Hive. Using the strength of your own abilities, you'll redirect it into the gun and, with any luck, it will bloom into something greater.

Enter strike "Will of the Thousands" with Rose equipped to reclaim lost Light from Hive crystals and defeat Xol. Objectives must be completed in a single run through the activity; progress is not saved across multiple attempts.

You are the new owner of Dredgen Yor's original Thorn. Merely holding the gun makes you nauseous—not out of moral principles, necessarily, but instead a very physical effect which reminds you of losing your Light during the Red War. You don't know what to do with this… thing. You have no intention of firing it. If nothing else, you believe you need to neutralize it.

Dive into the Will of the Thousands Strike and destroy void crystals along the way. 

5: PvP Kills, Orbs and Hand-Cannon Kills

"Hope is a currency. It buys tomorrow. It gives us what we need to survive today." - Rezyl Azzir

Your philosophy about this gun has crystallized. If Thorn was a weapon of selfishness, then the gun you make will be one of selflessness. If it's a coordinated fireteam that saved the City from Ghaul, then the gun you make will support fireteams. The Light is about standing united in service of a hopeful future.

Have all your team equip Hand-Cannons and secure kills in PvP, while generating Orbs of Light for this stage. It's really tricky, and needs a coordinated group. 

6: Complete A Nightfall Strike

"The Traveler gave us these gifts. We choose how to use them."- Ikora Rey

"The fate of this wicked tool is in your hands now." - Shin Malphur

As it says on the tin, complete a Nightfall strike with a score of 50,000 or higher. If you're high enough Power Level, you can do this solo. 

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Last Updated: Jul 01, 2019

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