On the back of our Deathbringer guide, KackisHD has followed up with a brief video on the Khvostov and Riskrunner. Destiny 1 players will be familiar with the Khvostov, and many Destiny 2 players likely already have the Riskrunner Exotic SMG, but without its catalyst.

1. Head to the Gunsmith when you login with Shadowkeep and grab the Quest, Pain and Gain. 

2. When you've accepted, complete a Lost Sector in the EDZ. Secondly, complete a Heroic Public Event. Thirdly, complete a Nightfall Strike (750 matchmaking works here) 

3. You'll get a brand new Quest called Risk Reward in the EDZ. Accept it, and load into it. 

4. Kill the Fallen Walker when you spawn and loot its chest. It'll eventually drop the Khvostov, so may need to be farmed several times. 

5. To continue with the quest (when you've got your Khvostov), kill the three Fallen captains that spawn in the area. 

6. Follow the direction markers and open the gate. Complete the jumping puzzle and interact with the Arc Conductors on the table to gain the Riskrunner SMG. 

7. Kill the nearby enemies with the Riskrunner to gain the Riskrunner Catalyst. Job done!

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Last Updated: Oct 03, 2019

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