In this brilliant little video from KackisHD, he walks us through how to get hold of Destiny 2's newest Exotic: The Deathbringer. Named, appropriately, because it hits like a truck. You should absolutely be on the hunt for it, and I have to admit, it's fairly easy to get (with a few tricky parts). 

1. Complete the Shadowkeep Campaign. 

2. Complete all the missions given out by Eris. 

3. Talk to Eris and begin the quest step, Memory of Sai Mota.

4. Grab the Bounty from Eris called Lunar Spelunker.

5. Complete the three Lost Sectors on the Moon (one in Archers Line, Anchor of Light and Hellmouth).

6. Turn the Bounty in via your inventory, and gain the new Quest item: Firewall Data Fragment. 

7. This lets you open a new Lost Sector in Sorrow's Harbour (top right corner of the Moon map). Complete this Lost Sector. 

8. After killing the boss and grabbing the loot in the Sorrow's Harbour Lost Sector, there's a gold, circular tunnel. Head down it, and you'll find a hidden room. Without the Data Fragment, it won't open. Interact with the Console. 

9. Your Memory of Sai Mota will update, and requires you to collect 20 Necklace Scraps by killing Nightmares on the moon, with Arc abilities (go to Sorrow's Habour, use Supers). 

10. Head back to Eris, and head through the portal. There'll be a cutscene. Open the chest. 

11. You'll now have an Exotic quest (Symphony of Death) and requires you to explore the Circle of Bones. The easiest way to find this, is head to Archer's Line, travel through the ominous doorway, and follow it through. Grab the Quest and kill the named enemy. 

12. Upon doing this, and you can return to Eris and grab Symphony of Death (Quest). You'll need to collect three types of bone/marrow. For Festering, complete a Public Event in Hellmouth. For Ritualistic, complete the Lost Sector again in Sorrow's Harbour. For Bone Collector's Marrow, you'll need to kill an enemy that spawns in the Anchor of Light public space. When the enemy is nearby, you'll be alerted with the text, "A Bone Collector wanders..." When this appears, simply look for the enemy. 

13. Your Quest text will update, requiring you to kill High Conductor. She's located in the Scarlet Keep Strike.

14. Play through the Strike as normal, but as the elevator begins to travel upwards, jump off towards the blocked (yellow) door. Kill the enemies, and the High Conductor will spawn behind the door. Wait to rejoin your allies, and you'll be spawned back where the Elevator was, with the High Conductor present. 

15. Your Quest will update again, requiring you to complete 3 assignements: Discomfort recorded, Pained cries recorded, Anguished screams recorded. Complete the first by killing red bar enemies in a Lost Sector on the Moon. The second by killing major enemies and mini-bosses. For the third, it's Guardian's or Bosses (kill the Nightmare enemies in Sorrow's Harbour: these count towards part 2 and 3). 

16. Your Quest will update yet again, requiring you to find the Quest, Choir of the Damned. This is located south of Hellmouth (underground, back where it all started).  

17. This next step requires 920 Light, and sees you head down deep into the Moon. You'll be debuffed, and have only 60 seconds to kill the Wizard as you sprint (use your Supers/Rockets to bring them down quickly). 

18. Cross the bridge (by raising the plate) and kill the final boss (no Deathsong here debuffing you, so no need to rush). Your Quest will update to A Death of Nightmares.

19. Head back to Eris to obtain the Rocket Launcher. 

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Last Updated: Oct 02, 2019

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