In Destiny you will likely spend a bunch of time grinding out bounties supplied by Xander 99-40 in the Tower.  These are almost a must do daily quest for a while so that you earn enough Honor with the Vanguard to be able to purchase legendary items from them for Vanguard marks once you hit level 20.

However, there is an added hidden bonus to completing them, even after you have the Honor that you require.  Each time you completing a bounty for Xander 99-40, there is a small chance that you will be given an Exotic Weapon Bounty.

The chances to get an Exotic Weapon Bounty are extremely small, so expect it to take a while to eventually get one.

There are six different exotic weapon bounties that you can get. However when you are offered an exotic weapon bounty you will be provided with three (randomly selected) and you will have to choose 1 of them.  Be careful though, as the bounties do not let you know what kind of weapon you will get once you complete them and they all have slightly different, but equally long and difficult steps to complete before you get the weapon.

We are here to help though, with a guide to the steps required to complete each of the six different exotic weapon bounties and what weapon they will grant you upon completion.  

Note: To keep the list of steps brief and to the point, several steps are not listed, they are however all simply running around to different NPC's around the Tower.

A Light in the Dark

Weapon: Thorn – Exotic Handgun (primary weapon)

Bounty Steps:

  • Complete the Summon Pits strike on the Moon.
  • Kill 500 Hive enemies on the Moon.
  • Kill Guardians in the Crucible using void damage.  Deaths slow your progress greatly!  You need 500 points ( 1 kill = 5 points, 1 death = -2 points).
  • Buy an Infusion of Light from the Speaker for 1 Mote of Light.
  • Defeat Xyor, the Unwed in a special level 26 version of the Summoning Pits strike on the moon.  He will appear once you have killed all of the minions around Phogoth.

A Light in the Dark Guide

Toland’s Legacy

Weapon: Bad Juju – Exotic Pulse Rifle (primary weapon)

Bounty Steps:

  • Complete a heroic or epic strike.
  • Complete 25 strikes of any difficulty level.
  • Buy a darkness-infused weapon frame from Xur for 1 strange coin (NOTE: Xur is only available as a vendor from Friday to Saturday).
  • Fight in the Crucible and obtain 10,000 points from kills.

Tolands Legacy Guide

An Unknown Patron

Weapon: Fate of All Fools – Exotic Scout Rifle (primary weapon)

Bounty Steps:

  • Win 5 crucible matches
  • Complete feats of skill in the Crucible.
  • Buy Osiris Coins using Motes of Light and then compete in the Trials of Osiris.  You need to win 10 times in a row, or 25 times total to complete this phase.
  • Compete in the Crucible and perform a set number of kills, headshots, and killing sprees with a scout rifle.

An Unknown Patron Guide

A Dubious Task

Weapon: Invective – Exotic Shotgun (special weapon)

Bounty Steps:

  • Complete 5 strikes of any difficulty level without dying.
  • Fight in the Crucible and achieve 25 more kills than deaths.
  • Complete the Weekly Heroic Strike.
  • Trade 50 special weapon ammo packs to the Gunsmith for the Invective component.

A Dubious Task Guide

Shattered Memory Fragment

Weapon: Pocket Infinity - Exotic Fusion Rifle (special weapon)

Bounty Steps:

  • Locate the damage Ghost on Venus in the Shattered Coast.  Look in the starting area for the statue by the stairs and tunnel where you first meet the Vex.  Head just past and into the room on your left.
  • Complete the Eye of a Gate Lord story on Heroic.
  • Dismantle 10 rare or higher quality Fusion Rifles.
  • Enter a Weekly Nightfall Strike and kill enemies with a Fusion Rifle.

Shattered Memory Fragment Guide

A Voice in the Wilderness

Weapon: Super Good Advice – Exotic Machine Gun (heavy weapon)

Bounty Steps:

  • Search chests on mars for A Mournful Gun
  • Buy an ammunition module from Xur for 1 strange coin (NOTE: Xur is only available as a vendor from Friday to Saturday).
  • Kill 500 enemies with a machine gun

A Voice in the Darkness Guide

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

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