Dragons in Dragon’s Prophet are the lifeblood of your character. No matter what class you choose, your dragon will play a very important role in everything that you do in the game. From combat, to travel, all the way to crafting, your dragon is essential to your day to day life. That’s why its important to understand how your dragon works and the key features to the dragon system in Dragon’s Prophet.

Before we begin, you’ll need a dragon. You can follow our handy Capturing a Dragon guide on details on how to secure yourself one of these mighty beasts. Once you have your dragon, you can begin doing all of the fun stuff that opens once a dragon becomes available.

Dragons as a Mount

Each dragon can be used as a mount in different ways. Some dragons are sea dwelling dragons and can only be used on water. Some dragons are land based dragons and can only walk on land. Others can fly, depending on the location of their wings. If there is webbing on the arms of the dragon, then it can glide, meaning that it glides from high areas and whenever you jump. If there are wings located on the back of the dragon, then it means that it can fly.

The speeds and flight ability for each dragon is generalized and can differ dragon to dragon, you’ll see the #s whenever you capture the dragon. Some types are only specific speed while rarer dragons can be faster.

To mount a dragon, press the tab key.

Dragons as a Combat Pet

Dragons have a finite amount of time that they can operate as a combat pet (distinguished by a debuff showing the remaining time that a dragon can be active). Press the tilde (~) key to summon your dragon as a combat pet. Your dragon affinity and the dragons training affects the duration that a dragon can be summoned, so when you first start the game you will not be able to have the dragon out for more than a minute or two before it goes on cooldown (generally 60 seconds).

Dragons automatically attack your current target and use skills that they have learned automatically.

Your Charism determines the time that a dragon can be summoned.

Dragon Field Training

Continuing on the topic of combat, dragons can trade skills amongst themselves through “Field Training.” Select the two dragons you want to trade skills between in the Dragon Lair and then select “Field Training.”

If the dragons trade skills, they will consume one of the “Empty Slots.” You can unlearn a skill to create additional empty slots if needed.

Dragon Skill

Dragon skills come in various flavors. The most important one (at least to me) is the Dragon Soul skills. These are skills that you can personally activate for a benefit to your character. Elite skills are generally passives that help in gathering. Combat skills are managed by the dragons AI during combat.

Dragon Process

You can assign tasks for your dragon to perform, from training (general and skills) to gathering materials. The shortest time they can preform a task is one hour. You can add up to 5 hours of various tasks for gold, after that you must use station cash.

Items obtained through Dragon Process are located in your Dragon Storage.

You can increase production via Station Cash, doing so increases the rewards by the amount indicated. Its actually rather inexpensive to do so, but can be a waste if you’re on a lot and have no immediate need to use the dragon.

If you move the dragon out of the lair it will cancel all ongoing processes and refund the coin you’ve spent.

Dragon Training

You can train your dragon, increasing its attributes (especially useful for combat) by assigning it the training process, then going to the Dragon Training tab to increase its stats. Most stats are self explanatory, but Dragon Affinity increases Magical Defense and Penetration.

You can sacrifice a dragon for a token that will increase the cap on points. Once a dragon reaches level 10 you can choose to sacrifice it to receive your token.

Dragon Equipment

Dragons have three equipment slots for equipment that can increase its stats. You have to drag the gear over from your bag to equip it.

Dragon Stash

The stash is where you can store dragons for longer periods of time. The first line is unlocked for free.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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