One of the coolest things about Dragons Prophet is the fact that you can, well, capture your own dragon. Dragons are essentially your mount, your companion, and collectible. Dragons aren’t a rare sight either, there are many of them roaming the lands and your goal is to catch ‘em all, much like in the upcoming Pokemon X/Y. Well, catching them all is sort of an over statement. You can only hold a specific number of dragons either in your stable, your lair, or your chamber. Think of it like if Ash could only fit so many Pokemon in his PC.

Anyway, the neat thing about Dragon’s Prophet is that there is a lot of dragons. I mean, tons and tons of ‘em roaming the world. Some are common, some are uncommon, and some are rare. Some are healers, some are tanks, some are DPS. Their skills are interchangeable once you’ve caught them, so some of the desire to capture a specific dragon can be solely aesthetic since dragons also serve as your mount.

If you have played Star Wars: The Old Republic you can draw a lot of similar comparisons to dragons and companions. They help with crafting, they fight in combat with you, they follow you around, and the only difference is that they have a limited summoning time and dragons act as your mounts (which can also fly) meaning that you get your mount ability really early in the game.

Capturing a Dragon

A note on dragon inventory space. You start off with two active dragon slots and need at least one empty slot to capture a dragon. I highly suggest if you’re interested in the game to purchase a few slots with station cash to help enhance not only your gameplay, but to allow you to keep at least one slot open while carrying an assortment of dragons with you.

To capture a dragon you must first encounter a dragon that is capable of being captured. It has to be a non-legendary, non-elder dragon (essentially a non-boss dragon) and must be flagged for capture. You can tell if you can capture a dragon by using the “Capture Dragon” skill, if you can’t capture it you’ll get a notice telling you that you can’t. Once you’ve found the dragon of your dreams, its time to capture it.

Dragon Prophet Dragon Riding

First, start by weakening it. My understanding of the system is that there is a pretty long algorithm that determines how much health has to be missing, based on your stats and the stats of the dragon. In my laypersons mind, I simply get the dragon to about 20% before I start. For rarer dragons where you don’t want to risk killing them, you can spam the skill as you’re fighting them and then whenever you are successfully able to capture them, you’ll start the mini game.

The mini game is simple, but can be difficult. You’ll need to use WSAD on the keyboard to keep the red circle in the center. The bar on the left is the Dragon’s “I win” bar, let that deplete and you’ll need to restart the process. The bar on the right is your “I win” bar, fill that gauge to maximum and you’ll successfully captured the dragon. That’s it! Sometimes a button will appear in the middle, simply press the corresponding key and there you go.

That’s pretty much everything there is to capturing a dragon in Dragon’s Prophet. Once you’ve captured the dragon, it’ll move to your dragon stable and can then be summoned as your mount, your combat partner, or used for crafting.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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