We’ve gathered together five tips for players who are just getting started in Dragon’s Prophet to help you start your adventure.

Train Your Dragon

This is the most important tip I can give: pay attention to your dragon. Its crucial to keep focusing on making it more powerful to better help you in your adventures. Send it out to train, get it more skills, surrender it and get a more powerful dragon. Get it better equipment. Surrender other dragons to level your dragon up more. Whatever you do, make sure to get your dragon in tip top shape for your adventures. Its so easy to forget to do it.

My biggest suggestion is to have two main dragons at all times. One that you have with you and one that you’re training. That way you have something to help you quest and level, and another that is advancing. When you log out, queue up tasks for both of them and then when you login, use the one you were training the day before as your adventuring dragon and the other you can actively train while playing.

Train Yourself

The game doesn’t make it very clear at times, but you have a lot of interaction when you level. First you have your attributes, which are important to take care of each and every level. Second you have your masteries, which you’ll definitely want to invest points in as you level up. Next you’ll have additional gear / enhancements that you can use for your character, so you’ll want to periodically go and check for upgrades to your gear.

I was having a lot of trouble in the game until I realized I completely forgot to do any upgrades for my character for five full levels, which was making me much weaker than I was supposed to be for the content. Which is why it’s critical to not only look after your dragon, but also look after yourself.

Spend Some Station Cash

This is a tough one, because I rarely tell anyone to buy into microtransactions and honestly, if you don’t believe in them and want to play the game your way, then skip this tip. I’ll be adding an extra one on the bottom, however, I do feel like mentioning Station Cash is critical since it can make your life so much easier.

If you’re planning on playing, consider buying some Station Cash. There are random promos, I know I got one while playing PlanetSide 2 where you get double points sometimes. A promo ran recently where you got double Station Cash for buying an SOE Game Card from Best Buy. So you may just want to wait until it goes on sale or you might just buy it right now, you’re the master of your own gaming finances.

Anyway, buy some Station Cash and save it, don’t spend it on revives or other petty things unless you really want to. Instead focus on quality of life enhancements like bag slots, Dragon Storage slots, Dragon Lair slots, item upgrades, potions, etc. Things that will make your life in the game easier and more fun. I found my enjoyment skyrocketed after I spent a few hundred Station Cash on the game.

Just to be clear, I’m not on SOE’s payroll and if you don’t want to pay to play that’s fine (it’s a “Free to Play: Your Way” game). However, buying some Station Cash can definitely make a big difference.

Master your Combos

Be sure to look into the combos for your character and understand them. I mean, realistically, “understand your class” would make for a better title, but understanding combos is important to. Each class has their own unique combos and charged attacks (except for Oracle which doesn’t have one). So be sure to master your class’s combat.

Inventory Management

Nothing wastes time more than a full inventory, so be sure to constantly keep tabs on your inventory space, breaking down items you don’t need and selling off grey worthless items as you need to. Your storage and inventory space is tiny at the start of the game and having to constantly delete items is sort of silly, so be sure to just keep an eye on it and don’t be afraid to get aggressive.

Bonus Tip:

Don’t forget to check your achievements, you gain in-game rewards for earning various achievements and can claim them in the achievements interface.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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