There are a lot of different attributes in Dragon’s Prophet, a total of seven that can be leveled up on the Prophet’s character sheet and several more that can be obtained through gear. We’re going to try to explain what each of the attributes are for to help you make good solid decisions on where to allocate your points so that you don’t have to spend much money reseting them.

As a note, you can reset your points for free before level 15. After that you’ll need to pay to reset your points.

Points can be allocated on your character sheet (press C to open it with the default keybindings).


  • Strength: Physical Damage & Defense. This increases damage for classes that rely on physical strength (Guardian and Ranger).
  • Constitution: Increases maximum health and health regeneration. This is a good overall general stat that should be increased as you need additional health, although I rarely see anyone suggesting putting points here.
  • Ferocity: Increases Critical Hit chance and damage. This is for DPS oriented classes.
  • Intelligence: Increases magical damage and Defense. The same as strength, but mainly for Oracles and Sorcerers.
  • Focus: Increases Physical Damage, Defense, and Armor Penetration. It gives a really high defense boost, but the armor penetration is only really good in PvP (when you face high armor targets).
  • Charisma: Increases Dragon damage and time that it can be active.
  • Dragon Affinity: Increases Dragon’s magical damage and defense.

Leveling Stats / Attribute Distribution

There are a few methods of doing it. Most classes have a primary and a secondary. The other method is a 50/25/25 split, for people who might want a more DPS tanky Guardian or some kind of non-cookie cutter build.

Using Guardian as an example, you can go 2 points into Strength and 1 point into Focus to have a really strong DPS character or you can go 2 points in Focus and 1 point in Charisma to make a really strong dragon that will do the damage for you while you tank everything or you could go 2 points into Focus and 1 point into Strength to be really tanky with a little bit of DPS.

Sorcerer for instance would go 2 points of Intelligence and 1 point into Ferocity. Oracles would follow the same path, while Rangers might go for 2 points into Ferocity and 1 into Strength. Ultimately, as long as you focus on the major stats for your class, you should do well.

The same plays out for the other classes, with DPS focusing on Ferocity and tanking focusing on Focus. Charisma focuses on dragon summoning.

Stats in Layman Terms

Basic Stats: Strength & Intelligence

DPS Stat: Ferocity

Tanking Stat: Focus

Dragon Stat: Charisma

Don’t Worry Stats: Constitution, Dragon Affinity

The reason you shouldn't worry about Dragon Affinity is because it just increases magical damage for your dragon, you have to focus some points on your character and with a 2:1 split of points, you'd much rather have Charisma. Constiution isn't as useful as defense, because the less damage you take the more health you technically have.

Additional Stats

There are a few other stats to pay attention to, although most of them are self explanatory (Critical Strike Chance is obviously your chance to perform a critical strike). The first is “Summon Time” which is the length of time a dragon can be summoned for. The default is 90 seconds and additional Charisma increases this time.

The second is Draconic Influence. This decreases the amount of time required to capture a dragon (technically you use less Dragon Soul in the process), which is important when trying to capture difficult dragons. It is influenced by gear.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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