As an attacker in Rainbow Six Siege, your drone is greatest weapon. It’s essentially a wall hack that you get to use twice in game, yet many people either don’t know how to use the drones effectively or just don’t use them enough.

Here we will take a quick look at some of the situations drones can really excel in, and how you can best use them to your advantage.

  • Pick up your drones. Like most of the other pieces of equipment in Siege, the drone can be picked back up and redeployed if it hasn’t been destroyed. If you’ve spotted the location of the objective and your drone is still alive, bring it back to a safe area where you can pick it up for reuse.
  • Always drone if you’re even a little unsure about the next room. Even a seed of doubt is worth droning in first. Worst case scenario there’s no one there, in which case you pick up your drone and move on.
  • Drones can survive any fall. Don’t be shy about tossing your drone from height, it will survive any fall.
  • Watch out for electricity and jammers. Touching an electrified piece of barb wire or reinforced wall will instantly destroy your drone. Get too close to jammers and your drone will become unresponsive.
  • Use your drone’s verticality. The drone can pull off all sorts of tricks with its jump. It can even clear many jammer placements allowing you to get past them.
  • Don’t mark enemies unnecessarily (especially if it’s not your drone). Marking an enemy will notify them alerting them to the drone’s presence. Losing a set of eyes on the enemy operators is a big loss in the higher ranked matches.
  • Hide your unused drones in key locations. If you know you won’t be needing a drone again, hide it in a spot with a good view of a popular area. Your fallen teammates can then use it to let you know of any enemy movements. On top of shelves, under furniture, and inside plants are great places to hide.
  • Come in from different angles. Where your drone spawns is where your operators will spawn. If all of your drones come into the enemy base the same direction, the defenders will know exactly where you’re coming from. Swarm from all angles to confuse them.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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