When the war was just a twinkle in Malekith's eye, the Dwarfs were destined to be hosed. Being used as a feint for Malekith's true purpose, the Dwarfs have become the recipients of one of the biggest WAAAGH!'s the world has ever seen. Ousted from their impenetrable fortress home, pursued by the Greenskins, and scattered across the land in an effort to stop the forces of destruction, he future seems bleak for the little men who live under the mountain. Luckily, they have you! Fresh out of Chapter 4 and covered in Greenskin body parts, you'll need to be even tougher to weather what lies ahead. What lies ahead, you ask? Why, Chapter 5 and 6 of course and it starts with a visit to...

Olfinsin’s Outpost

Like most Dwarfs, Thagroth Grumrune is having some issues. This is the Marshes of Madness after all, and the very earth is tainted. He needs some rocks that he can scribe some runes on and so far, only the oathgold is holding true. Thagroth tasks you with getting some for him, and killing any beasties in your way. On your way back, try to locate the Troll, Gutrock. Thagroth lost a rune to this Troll, who did what Trolls usually do and promptly ate it. It was already prepped so Thagroth wants it back.

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C'mon guys, Sing "We Are The Lollypop Guild". Just once!

Rolun Hammerson needs you to help with a recon mission. A Gyrocopter went down and he needs to see if you can gather some parts from it. Oh! While you’re at it, see if the pilot survived too… and no, that is the correct order, parts then pilot. Caring, not the strong suit of the Dwarven race. Which is ok for your next task, because you’re going up against the undead! Head over to Mourkain’s Tomb and get the manling bones buried there before those pesky Greenskins can get their filthy paws on them! Watch out for the ghouls though. They’re fairly particular about them bones. Finally, Rolun needs some help with a personal task. His cousin thinks there’s treasure under Altdorf, in the sewers. Turns out there’s probably nothing but Skaven down there. Rolun needs you to go and make sure his cousin didn’t get hurt while hunting for sewer treasure. Ewwwww.

Durrig Olfrinson, the Rally Master has ore on his brain, which is typical of a Dwarf. Apparently Braz Gol is the place to mine what he needs.
Kurgan Ironfist the Kill Collector has a bat problem, and not the Dark Knight kind. Seems the Marsh Road is behind schedule because these little beasties won’t quit “watering the flowers”, if you catch his drift. He might pay you a decent amount to help think his little problem out.

Murdogh’s Hold

Roggin Bronzemane sent Ranger Boldeye out to do some scouting but he has yet to return. You’re going to need to find him… dead or alive. Since you’re out that way anyways, you’ll need to help out a few of the lads. They were bringing a supply of shockshells to Barak Varr, but came under fire and are fighting a battle. They could use your expertise in the ancient art of butt whoop.

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Hurry! Get to da Choppah! DO EET NOW!

There’s work to be done and Burlock Greysteel is enlisting you to do it! Oathgold shipments aren’t making it to Karaz-a-Karak and there’s a tiny reason why. A Goblin Wolf Rider keeps ambushing the caravan. Burlock wants that oathgold back and the Goblin stopped, so get moving! As you pass the Marshfang Spider Cave, stop in and kill one of the Warped Marshfangs and take some venom. Turns out the caravan rider is going to be needing a cure since he got bit last night!

Droktin Goldmaster has need of those same skills you lent Roggin. The Coal Depot has been attacked! There was a special pilot there on a mission from the High King himself. Now you need to find him, and if necessary, do his stuff too because, hey, it’s not like you got anything better to do in the stinky, nasty, Marshes of Madness, right? Good thing you get paid for this stuff.

The head of this here camp, Murdogh Kadrikson the Rally Master thinks you’re a bit over dressed for the occasion. He wants you to prove your worth by getting out there and cleaning up the roads and securing the oathgold! Alaric Grimstone has seen it all in his many years, but nothing like what he’s seeing now. The Greenskins are pouring out of the Dwarven lands and he needs your help to curb that tide. He tasks you to kill 80 enemy players in an effort to stop the madness!
Finally, the only human in the camp,Estelle Meyer, has a sad tale to tell you. On their way to Barak Varr, her husband was jumped by Toad Boglars and slain. Too weak to fight on her own, she has only you to rely on to avenge her husband. Well, one good deed every now and then ain't gonna kill you. That's why you're on the side of Order, right?

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016