Today we have an update to our High and Dark Elf pages. This update includes some new links as well as the official race information from EA Mythic. Just released this month, it probably means we can expect to see more Elf information on the way soon! Here's a peel:

The High Elves are an ancient people with a history that spans millennia. While the ancestors of man were little more than cave-dwelling primitives, the Elves built magnificent cities of glittering silver and white marble on their island home of Ulthuan. Elven scholars and explorers were the first to chart the stars and sail the world's oceans. The Elves were also the first race to mount an organized defense against the invading hordes of Chaos, beginning a war that continues to the present day

High Elf Overview Page

Dark Elf Overview Page

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016