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Northshire Abbey is guarded by a rather large defensive wall, but luckily enough for us we are quite friendly with the local guards and can come and go as we please. Set out on the road going south and through the wall. On your way will be a man who will offer the quest Rest and Relaxation. Go ahead and grab it and continue south on the road towards Goldshire. Be careful not to stray from the road, bandits are known to inhibit these parts.

When you arrive to Goldshire go ahead and look around a bit, do a little shopping (don’t spend much money! you need to buy more skills soon). Search out your class trainer here as well. When you are finished sight seeing, find Marshal Dughan who will offer the quest  The Fargodeep Mine. Talk to the nearby Remy “Two Times” and pick up the Gold Dust Exchange quest as well.

Head towards the inn and have a chat with the innkeeper to turn in that quest you got on the way here. When finished be sure to set your home to Goldshire (the innkeeper will explain how this works) with the innkeeper. Turn towards the wall close to the exit and find William Pestle. He’ll give you the quest Kobold Candles.

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Leave out of town and go straight south. Refer to our map on page one if you get lost. When you get there, slay the various Kobold Tunnelers while making your way inside of the mine. You’ll eventually get a notice saying you have explored the cave, in which case you should begin working your way back out. Be sure to complete both the candle and gold dust quests. When you’ve explored the mine and got all of the candles and gold dusts that are needed then head back to Goldshire.

When you arrive in Goldshire be sure to turn in all three quests. You’ll receive a few new ones: The Jasperload Mine and Shipment to Stormwind. Train any skills you need (evey 2 levels new skills generally become available), restock, and maybe even take a break (grab a snack and a fresh drink!). When you are finished head south again, but avoid the mine. We are going to the Stonefield Farm which is slightly westward.

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When you arrive at the farm, pick up the two available quests Lost Necklace and Princess Must Die! Head to the eastern vineyard, known as the Maclure Vineyards and find a little boy named Billy. Speak to him and he will give you the necklace for pie (Pie for Billy). While here pick up Young Lovers from Maybell Maclure located in a house to the south of the vineyard. Head to the field and slay the wild boars until you obtain four pieces of good quality meat. When done, head back over to the Stonefield Farm. Boy these family feuds are a ton of foot work!

“Auntie” Bernice Stonefield will cook up your pie and send you Back to Billy. Before you go, be sure seek out Tommy Joe Stonefield near the river then head up to Gramma up at the farm (Note to William). When done head back to Billy.

Billy will eat the pie and tell you he doesn’t have the necklace. Hold back your sword and pick up the quest Goldtooth. All of this footwork should put you at level seven. Well earned I must say!

Return to Goldshire and head to the Lion’s Pride Inn. Remember our good friend William? Well he’s the one that can help mix a potion to get these two love birds together. He’ll take the quest you got from ‘ol Gramma and give you the Collecting Kelp quest. Head to the nearby Crystal Lake, with your weapon ready of course, and launch an assault against the Murlocs! Yes the famous Murlocs are located right here and ready to gang up on you at any minute. It won’t take long to collect the kelp, unless the Murlocs rough you up to hard. When finished head back to William and pick up The Escape.

Now head into the Fargodeep Mine and choose one of two options. The first option is to run all the way to the back of the mine (following the left path) to get to Goldtooh and dieing. Then as a spirit walk back to your corpse and resurrect in a safe spot. This avoids all of the Kobolds between the entrance and the back of the cave. It does involve death though, and you might accidentally aggro something when you resurrect. The other way is to fight your way to the back which takes longer (but gives a lot more XP). Choose whichever way you want to go and get to Goldtooth. Slay this beast and obtain the necklace.

Head back to the Stonefield farm and return the necklace.  Then head to the Maclure vineyards and turn in The Escape. With these quests done, it’s time to move on towards the east! Return to Goldshire and pick up the quest A Fishy Peril from ‘ol “Two Times” and turn it into Marshal Dughan who will give you Further Concerns. Head northeast towards the Jasperload Mine and make a quick run inside to “explore” it then run back out, similar to the way you “explored” the Fargodeep Mine. Then head east (getting back on the road) until you meet Guard Thomas at a bridge. Turn in Further Concerns and pickup both Find the Lost Guards and Protect the Frontier. Check our map for the first body, then head towards the logging camp.

Inside of the logging camp pick up A Bundle of Trouble and Red Linen Goods. Outside of the camp start taking out the Prowlers and bears needed for Protect the Frontier and pickup the wood. Turn in A Bundle of Trouble and you should be at level eight or near it. Head to the murloc camp and start clearing around the corpse of the second guard (see our map once more for the location). This can be difficult, but persistence will win the day.

Turn in Report to Thomas (given by the guards remains) and Protect the Frontier to Guard Thomas. He’ll give you Deliver Thomas’ Report. Now we need to handle some of those Defias nogooders! You have two options. Option one is for casters, who can go to Hero’s Vigil and fight Defias Rogue Mages for the red linen bandanas. Melee types can go to the Brackwell Pumpkin Patch and fight the warrior type Defias who are easier for melees. Either way, get the Red Linene Bandanas and return to the logging camp for your reward.

On your way to Goldshire be sure to stop at the Brackwell Pumpkin Patch and take care of Princess. You should be over level eight by now, which is enough to solo the Princess with potions. If you can’t take her out, then get a group! Either way now would be a good time to finish the quest since you won’t be heading in this direction again for awhile.

Return to Goldshire and talk to Marshal Dughan and turn in The Jasperlode Mine and Deliver Thomas’ Report. Pick up Cloth and Leather Armor, Westbrook Garrison Needs Help! and Report to Gryan Stoutmantle. Talk to Smith Argus and pick up Elmore’s Task. By now you should be level nine.

Repair your gear, buy skills, restock, and other things. Maybe even take another break and grab yourself a drink or snack. Head toward the farm and turn in the Princess quest and then head westward along the road until you arrive at a barracks.

When you arrive at the barracks speak with Deputy Rainer and pick up Riverpaw Gnoll Bounty and Wanted: Hogger from a nearby sign. Head south and take on the gnolls for their painted gnoll armbands. You should also take on Hogger (you will probably need a group for him). When you are finished turn in the gnoll armbands and head for Goldshire.

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Turn in the Hogger quest to the Marshal which should at this point get you to level ten. If you aren’t level ten yet (but near it) then go around and kill some random things to level up. When you are level ten speak to your class trainer in town to get a quest to head to Stormwind.

From here, head to Stormwind and turn in all of the quests you have for Stormwind. When you are finished, leave Stormwind and head west toward Westfall. That’s your next destination; having completed all there is to do at these levels for Elwynn Forest! Congratulations, you should now be done with ten out of sixty levels and ready for much more dangerous adventures!

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What's next?

Westfall is located to the west, where the Defias really has a firm hold on the land. You can also go to the Dwarven area of Loch Modan or the Night Elf city of Darkshore. (see our handy travel guide).

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