Ten Ton Hammer's Engineering Guide

Engineering 1 - 375 Leveling Guide

We present for your reading pleasure a guide on the best way to “power” skill to the Engineering profession in World of Warcraft. We’ve gone and found the cheapest items to create that don’t require super expensive recipes. As a matter of a fact, outside of the Outland recipes almost all of the recipes can be obtained from the trainers!

Before you decide that maxing Engineering is for you, prepare yourself for some serious expense. Figure out if this really is the profession that you want. The first step is getting from skill level 1 to 300. To do this will take in the neighborhood of 400 gold in supplies, so be prepared.

For the skill 1 - 300 trip you will need the following main ingredients and many more minor ones: many (100 each) Rough, Course,Heavy and Solid Stones, 50 Dense Stones, 55 Copper Bars, 10 Silver Bars, 55 Bronze Bars, 20 Iron Bars, 5 Steel Bars, 130 Mithril Bars, 160 Thorium Bars, 10 Wooden Stock, 30 Weak Flux, 50 Heavy Leather, 10 Wool Cloth, 10 Mageweave Cloth, and 35 Rune Cloth. As you can see the material requirements are fairly steep. If you’re near the Auction House then you can pretty much figure out how much you’ll need to spend.

Once you reach 300, things are just getting started. The trip from 300-375 is at least 10x harder and can be up to 10x more expensive as well! Depending on your server you could pay up to 3000 gold for the mats to hit skill level 375. On most servers it will end up costing you around 2,000 to 3,000 gold unless you spend a long time farming on your own.

For skill levels 300 - 375 the exact materials depend largely on the luck you have getting skill points. With any luck this is a cheaper profession than most other professions.

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Table of Contents

Skill Item Name Reasoning

Apprentice Engineering

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Rough Blasting Powder

1x Rough Stone

This turns green quickly and will take many stones to get to 40 points but they are very cheap so keep at it.

Handful of Copper Bolts

1x Copper Bar

These are used for your later recipe so save them up.

Arcalight Spanner

6x Copper Bars

You need this to create many of your later patterns.

Copper Tubes

2x Copper Bar
1x Weak Flux

Another item you need to make later items with.

Rough Boom Stick

1x Copper Tube
1x Handful of Copper Bolts

Now you get a chance to use the materials created previously, and you can turn around and sell the results.

Journeyman Engineering

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Coarse Blasting Powder

1x Coarse Stone

Hang on to at least 20 for a later item. It will take about 60-80 to get enough skill points though as this turns green quickly.


Silver Contacts

1x Silver Bar

These are used to create bombs with later, so hang on to them.

Bronze Tubes

2x Bronze Bars
1x Weak Flux

We won't be using these, so feel free to sell them off.

Small Bronze Bombs

1x Wool Cloth
1x Silver Contact
4x Coarse Blasting Powder
2x Bronze Bars

Once created you can use these for fun or turn around and sell them off in the Auction House.

Heavy Blasting Powder

1x Heavy Stone

You will be using many of these later on so save them for your own use.

Big Bronze Bombs

2x Heavy Blasting Powder
3x Bronze Bar
1x Silver Contact

As with the other explosives, you can either save them for use or sell them off.

Expert Engineering

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1x Heavy Leather

1x Heavy Blasting Powder

These are just for fun items, but are a very cheap way to level up your skill. They turn green quickly so it will take quite a few to get to 175.


Gyromatic Micro-Adjuster

4x Steel Bar

You need one of these to create later items.


Solid Blasting Poweder

2x Solid Stone

Again, save these for use in a later pattern.

Big Iron Bomb

3x Iron Bar
3x Heavy Blasting Powder
1x Silver Contact

Once again with bombs you can use or sell them off in the auction house.

Mithril Tubes

3x Mithril Bars

These can be sold of in the Auction house or saved for use in various other projects later.

Unstable Triggers

1x Mithril Bar

1x Mageweave Cloth
1x Solid Blasting Powder

Keep these for later use.

Hi-Impact Mithril Slugs

1 x Mithril Bar

1x Solid Blasting Powder

You can sell these off in the auction house or use them if you use guns.

Artisan Engineering

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Mithril Casings

3x Mithril Bar

You need to create at least 20 of these to have enough to gain skill points with the next pattern.


Hi-Explosive Bomb

2x Mithril Casings
1x Unstable Trigger
2x Solid Blasting Powder

Once again, use for fun, or sell them off.


Mithril Gyro-Shot

2x Mithril Bar
2x Solid Blasting Powder

Sell these off unless you have a gun to use them with.


Dense Blasting Powder

2x Dense Stone

Make a pile of these as you will be using them for creating shells.


Thorium Widget

3x Thorium Bar
1x Runecloth

You can save these or sell them off. You will need them for many high end engineering schematics so its your choice.


Thorium Tubes

6x Thorium Bar

Again, save these for future schematics.

Hurray, you have now reached Master Blacksmith at 300!!

Master Engineering

The Burning Crusade

At this point things are going to get expensive. You may have spent a few hundred gold getting here. From this point on though expect to spend several thousand gold to get to 375 unless you farm a lot of the ore and other materials yourself.

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Fel Iron Casings

3x Fel Iron Bar

Handfuls of Fel Iron Bolts

1x Fel Iron Bar

Elemental Blasting Powder

1x Mote of Fire
1x Mote of Earth

Create at least 55,240 and 35 of these items to be used for future items.


Fel Iron Bomb

1x Fel Iron Casing
2x Handful of Fel Iron Bolts
1x Elemental Blasting Powder

These are a much more powerful version of the earlier bombs. Once again you can sell them or use them yourself.

Fel Iron Musket

1x Heavy Stock
3x Fel Iron Casings
6x Handful of Fel Iron Bolts

You can turn around and sell these of, but be prepared for a big loss compared to material price.


Fel Iron Toolbox

1x Fel Iron Casings
5x Fel Iron Bar

2x Handful of Fel Iron Bolts

A very useful 24 slot bag for engineers.

White Smoke Flare

1x Netherweave Cloth
1x Elemental Blasting Powder

This is a simple and cheap 15 points, so snap them up.


Khorium Power Core

3x Khorium Bar
1x Primal Fire


You will need at least 20 of these for the next pattern, so keep making them even if you go past 360 skill points.



Field Repair Bot 110G

8x Adamantite Bar
8x Handful of Fel Iron Bolts
1x Khorium Power Core

These are great if you are in a raiding guild, stock pile them as you will use them.

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Questions, comments, suggestions? Know something that might be cheaper? Email me: Byron Mudry - [email protected]!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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