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Followers are a integral part of your Garrison and are similar to companion pets. They can be leveled, geared up, and even have their own set of unique skills and abilities. Your Garrison will come equipped with some Followers to start, however, you will likely pick up more as you journey through Draenor.

Followers can be sent out to complete Garrison Missions. When completed, these missions give various rewards including: gold, vanity items, gear, and experience for the Follower. Followers can also be assigned to the buildings inside of your Garrison for extra bonuses. When not doing a job, Followers don't simply vanish. Instead, they can be found making themselves comfortable in various parts of your Garrison.

Followers Menu

You can view your current Followers and much about them using the Followers menu found from the Garrison command table. This table is found in a central location in your Town Hall building. This menu will tell you how many Followers you currently have, how many you can have total and allow you to view the individual properties of each Follower you currently have access to. Simply click on the name of any Follower and a plethora of information will become available to you.

Gaining Followers

Followers can be brought to your Garrison in a number of ways ranging from extremely easy to very hard. Followers can be earned from these places:

  • Quests
  • Achievements
  • Reputation
  • Garrison

It should be noted that some Followers will come from a combination of one of the items on the above list. For example, Nat Pagle requires you to complete the A True Draenor Angler (Quest), have Draenor Angler (Achievement) and have a level 3 Fishing Shack (Garrison).

Follower Race and Class

Each of your Followers will have a race and class with a specific talent specialization pertaining to that class. Followers come from both playable and non-playable races in the game. The race of your Follower has no direct impact on mission outcome, however, certain Followers have traits that make them work better with specific races, thus increasing the chance of success on a mission.

The class and talent specialization of your Follower will determine what abilities that Follower may have. Each class has its own set of abilities, many of which are only available to a certain specialization within that class. However, every ability tends to be useful, meaning worrying about the class of your Follower is something you don't really have to do.

Follower Abilities

As mentioned above, Followers come with their own personal set of abilities. The main purpose of these abilities is to counter enemy threats while the Follower is out on missions. Threats to counter include:

  • Danger Zones
  • Deadly Minions
  • Group Damage
  • Magic Debuff
  • Massive Strike
  • Minion Swarms
  • Powerful Spell
  • Timed Battle
  • Wild Aggression

Abilities are randomly selected when the Follower is assigned to your Garrison. For the time being your Followers abilities can only be changed by using a Follower Re-training Certificate. These are only available by completing two rare missions: The Ring of Trials and the Path of the Titans. These missions currently can only be completed once, this means that the abilities your Follower comes with will probably be the ones you are stuck with.

Follower Traits

Along with various abilities, your Follower will be granted several traits. Follower traits are totally random, much like abilities. Unlike abilities, traits are not linked with your Follower's class. Traits fall into a variety of categories including:

  • Increased Rewards – Boosts your yields from mission rewards.
  • Professions – Allows the Follower to be assigned to a Garrison building related to a Profession.
  • Slayer – Follower is more effective against a certain enemy.
  • Environment – The Follower performs better in a certain mission environment type.
  • Racial – Increases success of missions when a Follower is paired up with another Follower of a specific race.
  • Mission Duration – Relates to the time a mission takes.

Follower Quality

Followers, like your gear, come in several different quality levels. The quality of your Follower will determine the amount of abilities and traits that Follower will have. The better the quality of the Follower, the more abilities and traits they will have.

  • Uncommon Follower – 1 ability and 1 trait
  • Rare Follower – 1 ability and 2 traits
  • Epic Follower – 2 abilities and 3 traits

Legendary Followers currently do not exist inside the game. Follower quality is determined when you obtain the Follower and some Followers can randomly upgrade. However, don't count out those Uncommon quality Followers just yet. After a Follower reaches max level it continues to gain experience that gets placed towards upgrading their quality. So with a bit of work all Followers can eventually reach epic quality.

Follower Leveling

Leveling your Follower is a pretty straight-forward process. Simply send your Followers out on missions and they will gain experience, even if the mission is a failure. They will continue to gain experience and level up till they reach level 100. Once max level is reached uncommon and rare Followers will continue to gain experience to upgrade their quality. Epic Followers no longer gain anything from the experience.

As noted above, even if a mission is a failure your Follower will gain the base experience from the mission. However, you won't get any extra experience or rewards related to that mission. While you will likely always want to extra rewards, you can choose to send a Follower on mission with a high level of failure. With that in mind, any Follower who is below the enemies level will not gain the full amount of experience from a mission. This means it makes little sense to send low level Followers on high level missions.

Don't worry though, missions of the appropriate levels should always be available for your Followers. As long as you have active Followers of a certain level, missions of a similar level should be generated to the Command Table. This means that if you have a Follower in the 90-92 range, level 90-92 missions will still pop up.

Follower Item Level

Each Follower has their very own weapon and set of armor. These pieces, much like yours have item levels. Item levels for Followers start at 600. Item levels are only visible after a Follower has reached level 100 and only in the Command Table menu. When the item level becomes visible, you can start to increase the Follower's item level, which is the combination of the weapon and armor item levels.

Having higher item levels on your Followers will unlock more difficult missions. Missions are unlocked at ilevel 615, 630, and 645. Raising your Followers item level can be done with two items:

  • Weapon Enhancements
  • Armor Enhancements

These items can be obtained in several ways:

  • Missions
  • Crates of Salvage
  • Level 2 Work Orders

Follower Building Assignment

Besides going on missions, Followers with profession traits can be assigned to buildings in your Garrison. Buildings must be level 2 and 3 buildings to assign Followers. Assigning a Follower to the building will give you a chance to double the work order, as well as some other benefits. The chance to double the order yield depends on the Followers level, with level 90 Followers having a 50% chance and level 100 Followers having a 100% chance (except at the Lumber Mill).

While assigning Followers to a building seems like easy street, there is a catch. Followers assigned to buildings cannot go on missions and do not gain any experience. Followers may be removed from a building assignment at any time and they can immediately start going on missions. However, it is beneficial to level up Followers totally before assigning them to buildings, this way leveling up is no longer required and you always get double yield.

Active Followers

Just like pets, it is likely you will want to collect as many unique Followers as you can. Currently, there is no hard cap on the number of Followers you may have. However, there is a limit on the number of active Followers you may have in your Garrison. Players may have up to 20 active Followers or 25 with a level 3 Barracks. This cap cannot be ignored, as it will prevent you from starting any new missions.

Don't worry, you don't need to dismiss your Followers, you just need to deactivate them. Deactivating Followers makes them inactive and they will no longer be seen frolicking about your Garrison. However, they can be reactivated once a day for a small fee and will lose nothing by sitting the bench. Followers can be reactivated using the Command Table inside your Town Hall.

Do you have information concerning Followers not shown above? Feel free to share your knowledge with the community via the comments section below!

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

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