lang="RU">So you've hit level 10 or style="">you’ve lang="RU"> simply gotten tired
of pulverizing the outskirts of the Commonwealth in Low Security PvE
missions. It's
time to step it up to a level where failure can and will happen if
things go
wrong. Welcome to Medium Security PvE for Global Agenda, home of bosses
actually last longer than 10 seconds to your weapons!

The Grunts

Bosses from the previous security level are now mini-bosses that will
your progress throughout the stage. Typically there are at least 2
before the
first checkpoint, and 2 after the checkpoint. From Elite Helots to
Assassins, your favorite psycho enemies return for more punishment than
before. Of course, you'll still have to wade through the fields of
including the dreaded Ballistas and Sentinels.

Rooms are more crowded with enemies, so caution is advised when going
into a
new room. Give your Robotics some time to set up if you see a boss is
in the
next room before you open fire. You should make sure your Assault leads
the way
and has his finger on Perfect Target for rooms crowded with Ballistas,
masters of instagibbing and ruining challenge bonuses. Take things
slowly and
make sure you stay together--you never know what might be around that
corner style="">. lang="RU">When you see that orange
forcefield, brace yourself. These aren't your usual opponents!

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Bipedal monstrosities are just the tip of the iceberg now!




When you enter a boss's room now, you'll find that usually 1-2 corners
have some enemies in them. Typically it's just a few Androids, but
you'll find a Support Drone as well that needs to be taken care of as
fast as
possible. These support drones are capable of healing massive amounts
of damage
and style="">, lang="RU"> even
worse, if you die they will continue to heal the boss to full while you
back style="">. lang="RU">The
good news is the boss generally doesn't activate and go after people
until it
is shot at. You can use this to your advantage by entering the room and
strafing around the room until you find the additional enemies and
them in short order.

Once they're all neutralized, you can unleash hell on the boss. No one
stand up to these in a straight up firefight except a Tank-spec Assault
backed up by a good style="">M lang="RU">edic and a Medical Station, so you'll have
to improvise most of the
time. Make good use of all cover and high ground. Robotics should
their stations directly behind a box or column, and people can station
either side ducking in and out to lay down fire while still being
healed and
not taking the full brunt of the attacks. No more enemies will spawn
after the
initial wave unless you take far too long to kill the boss after
engaging, so
typically you can relax and focus on the target.

Support Widows - Spider-type mechs with a double-barreled gun atop
their backs.
These have one attack really, and that's to unload on you with the
aforementioned gun. The fire rate and damage is higher than any other
of the
boss gun-type weapons, so precise movements and cover are a must. They
have no
splash damage or melee attacks, so they can safely be hacked away at or
flanked. Generally these are the easiest unless the terrain is
unfriendly or it
gets in a tough spot to dodge from.

Support style="">Destroyers
Twin-legged, reverse-joint death machines. They unload on targets in
front of them with twin gatling lasers hitting people hard and fast.
The real
problem is how relentless they are--they will not let up unless the
dies, and then it will only be for a split second as they shift
targets. Moreover,
they will sometimes kneel down and flash red violently. This is your
cue to get
behind cover, and do it fast! A huge explosion will go off, knocking
those hit
against the nearest wall and hitting you for about 2,000. It's a death
typically, and needs to be dodged at all costs. If you can dodge this
the battle is yours.

Support Recluse - Another angry spider boss. These have a single laser
will fire as they strafe around targets, which generally isn't a
threat. It's
when they glow red and run at you that you need to worry! Getting hit
will do
about 800 damage to you, and send you flying. This wouldn't be
problematic, but
it'll knock you out of cover and if they blast you afterward, it can
mean your
end. Even worse, they can melee you repeatedly, and they'll even melee
that gets in their way during the charge. Avoid them at all costs, and
using your jetpack to get around it or over it instead! Robotics
can serve as distractions, but will get chewed up quickly by the
powerful melee

style="">pport Guardians lang="RU">- Floating white fortresses. They love to
just sit in place and fire
off rockets which do massive splash damage for about 700 each. Good use
cover can minimize any damage taken here, and while its sides and back
are exposed,
enable your team to take advantage of it while you're dodging. These
do very little damage per second compared to the other bosses, and even
normal enemies however. Robotics can charge forward, drop their
turrets, and
hit their dome forcefield Boost which likely gives you enough time to
kill the
boss before it even lands a clean shot due to how little damage it
does to the field. If that falls, a normal force wall afterward will

style="font-weight: bold;"> style="font-weight: bold;">

You'll get used to these bosses quickly, and that's a good thing. You're not done seeing them once your graduate to High Security, as a matter of fact, you'll actually see them as normal enemies from time to time in High and Max security! Get accustomed to fighting them now to give yourself a fighting chance then. Grab your teammates and get cracking, you've got some bosses to kill!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016