The Grove Warden, one of World of Warcraft’s most-wished for mounts, is perhaps one of the hardest to obtain in the game to date. Locked behind the wall that is Heroic Archimonde, getting this mount can seem impossible unless you are part of a guild prepared to take on the challenge. This has many players feeling more than a little disgruntled, especially considering the eminent removal of this mount once Legion launches.

Players determined to make this mount their own find themselves at a loss. However, it is not hopeless. Earning the Grove Warden mount can be within your reach, even in the limited time we have left until Legion. Below are some great suggestions to get you well on the way to making this desirable mount your very own, even without being part of a hardcore raiding guild:


The Friendship Moose project is one of those things that make me firmly believe that the World of Warcraft community is still an amazing place. This is community-driven effort to put together groups of geared players with lesser geared hopefuls to tackle Archimonde and obtain the Grove Warden mount. Currently, quite a few moose mounts have gone out using this rather unconventional method.

While using #FriendshipMoose will not cost you any in-game or real life money, it is not totally without work. Players will need to gear themselves up to at least an item level of 710. They should also go into the raid knowing basic class mechanics and strategies for the boss encounters they will take on. There are no role requirements here and players will find themselves matched with appropriate groups.

For more information or to sign yourself up for your own chance at the Grove Warden mount, check out the #FriendshipMoose Twitter page or the #FriendshipMoose website.

Forums, Forums, and Forums

If you are not willing to wait for the #FriendshipMoose route, you may consider taking a more old-school method of seeking out groups. Sometimes making a simple forum post on your server’s forums can be enough to get you into a group for this mount. If you find little luck on your own server, do not give up hope right away, with a little diligence you still may find success.

If attempts to find a guild on your own server fail, simply look elsewhere. Thanks to the ability to join groups on other servers; you can choose to put up your plea for help on a host of forums. For best results post on a variety of realms to ensure the most coverage. For the less ambitious of us, you can also choose to pick out the top 2 to 3 realms for your particular region and faction and post on those.

Recruit Top Guilds

While going around about route like the ones mentioned above will work eventually, sometimes it can be much quicker to go right to the source. Head to any website where the top guilds on your realm is listed. Pick one of your faction and approach them directly. Be concise, polite, and be ready to be told no at least once. Don’t be discouraged, instead move on to the next guild on the list.

Remember, when while this method may net you the moose, it will cost you. Currently, most guilds are charging anywhere from 1 million gold upwards for runs of this type. Be well prepared to pay and pay dearly. Typically, guilds will ask for half the payment before the run and half when you have gotten the mount. Be vitally aware of scams.

Even if you have the cash in hand, just asking a guild wont’ be a slam dunk. As mentioned above, be prepared to be turned down on more than one occasion. Many guilds are still trying to get this mount for their members and will not take players outside their guild before all members have a Grove Warden mount of their own. You may be asked to wait or totally denied, either way remain polite and move on to the next guild.

Group Finder

Group Finder is a handy little tool that Blizzard installed in the game some time ago. You queue up for a specific thing and it puts you and other players that have queued together to take on the chosen task. In the case of the Grove Warden mount, it would be getting to and defeating Heroic Archimonde.

While Group Finder deserves a spot on this list and won’t cost you any gold to complete, it should be taken on with extreme caution. Any time you join a group with unknowns you are leaving it to the fates about how successful the run will actually be. There is no guarantee here that you will ever even reach Archimonde, let alone kill him.

It may take many, many groups and a lot of frustration to complete the task using Group Finder. On the other hand, you could get the Grove Warden on your very first attempt. Such is the nature of this useful, yet unreliable, in-game tool.  

The Grove Warden

All three methods above will eventually get you the spot you desire to earn the Grove Warden mount. The name of the game is all is patience and perseverance. None of the methods above come without a small amount of work. Even though you will be carried through the run, getting this mount still won’t be easy. Choose the method that works best for you and afterwards when you are sitting astride of your very own moose, all the effort will no doubt be worth it.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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