Magtheridon's Lair is one of the 25-man instances available in the Outlands with the Burning Crusade expansion.

Magtheridon, a pit lord, is the former leader of the Burning Legion in Outland and is being imprisoned by Illidan. The fear of him breaking free and being allowed to have his way with Outland is what sends you to his lair to destroy him.

The entrance is located at the very bottom of the western side of the Hellfire Citadel in Hellfire Peninsula. This is on the opposite side of the other Citadel entrances.


Unlike many of the higher level dungeons, Magtheridon's Lair does not require attunement. The requirements to enter are that you must be level 65 and you must be in a raid group.

Magtheridon's Lair

The lair is much the same as Onyxia's lair in that you have a few guards and then the boss fight. When you enter the room with Magtheridon, you will see him being contained by five channelers. The channelers will not attack unless they are attacked first. There are three phases involved in the boss fight, and the channelers comprise the first. You will want to make sure that the patrolling guards that are not in Magtheridon's room are all killed before engaging the channelers. There are four groups of three hellfire warders.

Hellfire Warders

The warders have five abilities:

  • Shadowbolt Volley: A spell with cast time that can be interrupted.
  • Rain of Fire: An AoE instant cast, can be avoided by moving away from the fire.
  • Fear: Same as the warlock spell, will fear a target.
  • Death coil: Also like the warlock spell.
  • Shadowfury: Lowers the threat of the target.

These will need to be dealt with before the boss fight because they will path into the boss' room and be aggressive during the boss fight.

Phase One

Once you have taken care of the trash, it's time for the boss encounter. In order to release Magtheridon from the hold the channeler's have over him, you will need to interrupt the channelers. After the channelers are engaged, you will have two minutes before Magtheridon is released.

The channelers have three abilities.

  • Shadowbolt Volley: This is a volley of Shadowbolts that does shadow damage to targets in a 30 yd range.
  • Dark Mending: This is a healing spell. The channelers will use this to heal themselves and other channelers. It also has a 30 yd range. They will use this ability when their health is under 50%. This spell can be interrupted.
  • Summon Burning Abyssal: This is where this fight can get tricky. The channelers can each summon up to two Abyssals at a time, each of which will despawn after one minute. These abyssals can be offtanked, banished and/or feared. They hit extremely hard (a one-hit kill for anyone not in plate armor). They also do an AoE fire damage.

When one channeler dies, the others gain a buff called Soul Transfer. This increases their damage and casting speed by 30% and their size by 20%.

The ideal method would be to have all of the channelers dead by the time Phase Two becomes active. If this is not possible, however, have a tank ready to pick up Magtheridon once he is loose.

Phase Two

After two minutes, Magtheridon will be released. He has many different methods of attack.

  • Melee Attack: His melee attack can hit for about 1000-6000 hp.
  • Cleave: This attack is pretty much a one-hit kills on anyone without plate armor. It has a 10 sec cooldown.
  • Knockback: This will knock every player in the lair back for about 5 sec. It will interrupt channeled spells. He will first do this about 10-20 seconds after he is released and then frequently thereafter.
  • Conflagration: A fireballw ill be shot to a spot on the ground within the lair. Players hit by the flames will take fire damage and be disoriented. They can also spread the fire damage to other nearby players.
  • Blast Nova: This is a channeled spell that does fire damage every 2 seconds for 10 seconds to every player in the lair. Blast Nova can be interrupted by having five players click on the five Manticron Cubes on the platforms where the channelers initially stood. The cubes must be clicked at the same time and this only works if all five channelers are dead. Using the cubes will cause damage to the five players and they will be affected by Mind Exhaustion and unable to use the cubes again for 90 seconds.
  • Phase Three

    Phase Three begins when Magtheridon is down to 30% health. He will destroy the walls of his lair. Flying debris will hit every player, causing damage. Healthstones and healing potions are useful in order to help the healers get the group back up.

    Ceiling fragments will continue to drop for the rest of the fight. You can see them coming by watching for dust from the ceiling. If the debris falls on a player, they will receive a massive amount of damage. Other than the debris damage, the fight will remain the same as in Phase Two.


    The majority of the equipment loot that drops from Magtheridon is of epic quality. Magtheridon's head is used in attunement for The Eye.

    Possible Epic Drops from Magtheridon (Click to View / Hide)

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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