Ragefire Chasm is located in the Cleft of Shadow, in the Horde capital city of Orgrimmar. The Instance portal leads underground and is highly noticeable, as it is dug directly into the cliff face.


Ragefire Chasm is an extremely small instance and should take between 45 and 90 minutes, depending on party level and skill.


Ragefire Chasm is meant for a group with a rough average level of about 16, though 14 would be the lowest I would suggest and any characters over 18 would find the run rather dry on XP and loot.

The MOBs in the Ragefire Chasm range from 13 elite to 15 elite. The quest MOBs are up to 16 elite.


We have put together a map that shows the layout of Ragefire Chasm and marks the location of the entire key named MOBs. The map can be found here:


As it is the lowest level Instance in the game, Ragefire Chasm doesn't have much behind it in terms of being long, or having the best loot. This Instance is pretty much easy experience and a good introduction to the Instance system for those who are unfamiliar with it.

The group that you bring with you into the Chasm really shouldn't affect your ability to complete the Instance. As long as you have a good leveled batch of players, there is little to stop you in this Instance. Defiantly bring a healer along though, as you will need to make sure characters don't die. It's a long walk from the graveyard in Razor Hill back to the Cleft of Shadow.

Keep in mind that all the mobs in the Chasm are elite and much more powerful then your average mob. It will take teamwork to defeat these enemies, as is key with any Instance.

After some initial elemental mobs, you will be forced to fight the Troggs of the Instance. These mobs should give you little difficulty and are quite farmable for the relevant quest (Testing an Enemy's Strength). Once you fight your way up to the top of the western ledge of Troggs you will find the body of Maur Grimtoten who will allow you to complete another quest.

Upon dealing with the Troggs you can continue through the Instance to another batch of elemental mobs. These enemies are fairly easy if pulled in small groups of 1 to 2, once dealt with you can begin work on fighting the Searing Blade Cultists.

Be sure to kill as many of the cultists as possible if you are doing the “Power to Destroy” quest, as these mobs will drop the books required. These groups of mobs usually come in pulls of 2 to 3 mobs, and will require coordination to effectively deal with.

Once you’ve cleared your way to the massive demon standing in the middle of the lake of lava, you can engage one of the powerful bosses of this Instance; “Taragaman the Hungerer”. This “boss” is fairly easy to deal with, and once you have effectively engaged with a melee tank, DPS will bring him down quickly. Once killed be sure to loot the Heart to complete the quest.

Once you are finished battling against the demon, the next two targets will be the leaders of the Searing Blade; Bazzalan, and Jergosh the Invoker. Jergosh is located just ahead of where Taragaman was, while Bazzalan is located up the adjacent walkway, right above Jergosh.

Both of these mobs are straightforward fights as long as you do not drag any additional enemies into the fray. Once they are slain, the Instance is effectively over and you can return to the entrance!

Party Composition

As this is still a very low level instance, party composition does not play a huge factor. The bigger factor will be player levels. You need to ensure that you have at least a one player at the upper end of the level range to help out against the named MOBs.

As in any group you will want someone in the party that can heal (even an alt-healer) and someone who can tank. Other than that though, unless you are very low on the level scale you should be ok with almost anything. Tactics and player ability with their characters come into play far more at this early stage in the game (and in such a small instance) that party composition does in the late game (55+).


There are 6 quests to be done in Ragefire. They can be collected all over starting Horde territories. What follows is a brief outline of each quest, where to collect it, and how to complete it. While reading the quests you may want to refer to our instance map of the Ragefire Chasm for the exact location of the required MOBs.

Testing an Enemy’s Strength

Starting NPC / Location: Rahauro (Thunder Bluff, Mulgore)

Level Obtained: 10

Quest Level: 15

Item Reward: None

Objectives: Search Orgrimmar for Ragefire Chasm, then kill 8 Ragefire Troggs and 8 Ragefire Shaman before returning to Rahauro in Thunder Bluff.

The Power to Destroy

Start + End NPC / Location: Varimathras (Undercity, Tirisfal Glades)

Level Obtained: 16

Quest Level: 16

Item Reward: Ghastly Trousers (Cloth Pants), Dredgemire Leggings (Leather Pants), Gargoyle Leggings (Mail Pants)

Objectives: Bring the books Spells of Shadow and Incantations from the Nether to Varimathras in Undercity.

Searching for the Lost Satchel

Starting NPC / Location: Neeru Fireblade (Orgrimmar, Cleft of Shadows)

Level Obtained: 9

Quest Level: 16

XP Reward: 90-875 XP

Objectives: Search Ragefire Chasm for Maur Grimtotem's corpse and search it for any items of interest.

Slaying the Beast

Start + End NPC / Location: Neeru Fireblade (Orgrimmar, Cleft of Shadows)

Level Obtained: 9

Quest Level: 16

XP Reward: 120-1150 XP

Objectives: Enter Ragefire Chasm and slay Taragaman the Hungerer, then bring his heart back to Neeru Fireblade in Orgrimmar.

Hidden Enemies

Start + End NPC / Location: Thrall (Orgrimmar)

Level Obtained: 9

Quest Level: 16

XP Reward: 120-1150 XP

Cash Reward: 40s

Objectives: Kill Bazzalan and Jergosh the Invoker before returning to Thrall in Orgrimmar.

Returning the Lost Satchel

Start NPC: Maur Grimtotem (Ragefire Chasm)

Level Obtained: 11

Quest Level: 16

XP Reward: 1450 XP

Item Reward: Featherbead Bracers (Cloth, Bracers); or Savannah Bracers (Leather, Bracers).

Objectives: Take the Grimtotem Satchel to Rahauro in Thunder Bluff.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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