As of Patch 1.10, the Scholomance, Stratholme and Blackrock Depths instances have been dropped to normal 5 man instances. It is no longer possible to raid the instances with 10 men. The guide has been updated to reflect these changes.


Stratholme is located along the northern edge of the eastern plague lands. The nearest flight point for both factions is Light's Hope Chapel. Stratholme itself is usually referred to by the two possible entrances that you can take to it. They are the scarlet and undead sides. While both are connected inside the instance, players generally do one "side" or the other, not both. To enter the Scarlet side you just follow the path and road signs to Stratholme and enter though the main gates. To enter the undead side you follow the road to just before entering the plague woods and turn north, there is a gate entrance along the mountains. The gate is locked however unless you have the key to the city.

To get the key to the city you must enter the Scarlet side of the instance and go right once you enter the instance. If you follow the roads right you will come to the other entrance and the Magistrate will be by the chapel. You can kill him to get a key to the city.


The time to complete Stratholme really depends on several things. The first factor is which side you are trying to complete, the second how well the group works together and it's composition. The last facto is if you are trying to speed raid the Undead side for the Tier 0.5 item quest, in which case you need to complete it in 45 minutes.. A 5 man group should be able to complete the undead side in roughly 2 hours, and a bit longer (2-3 hours) to complete the Scarlet side. It is perfectly possible to complete the undead side in under an hour (my personal record is 42 minutes), and the Scarlet side can be completed in just over an hour.


Stratholme is a high level instance and is meant for levels 55-60. This can be a little misleading as level 55's really have no place in a 5 man attempt. Running either side of Stratholme in a 5 man group is a challenge even with all level 60 group members. While it may be possible to take one or two low level party members through to the end, it will be VERY difficult. Unless they are very skilled at their class or an experienced healer you should really be level 60.

The MOBs in Stratholme range from normal MOBs level 50-60 to Elite MOBs level 52-60. The named, mini-boss and boss MOBs range from 57 to 62 elite.


We have put together a map that shows the layout of Stratholme and marks the location of all the key named MOBs and the key locations. The map can be found here.

Screen Shots

We have a gallery for screen shots from Stratholme that can be found here.

Party Composition

As this is a high level (or end game) instance, party composition plays a huge part in your success or failure in the instance.

Stratholme is a very difficult instance to 5 man, so one of the primary concerns with group composition for a 5 man run is level. At least 4 of the members should be level 60 and preferable the whole group should be level 60. If you must take a lower level player with you on a 5 man run casters are not a good choice as the higher level MOBs and bosses will have an increased chance to resist them. Lower level healers are an option if they stay back and know how to manage aggro. If they move forward or cast large heals they will pick up aggro fast and need to be saved.

As with any instance group you must consider 5 main things as your first priorities. They are: Healing, Tanking, DPS, Resurrections and crowd control. Luckily many of these this can be accomplished by the same class. For example a Priest can supply healing and resurrections, and a Mage provides solid DPS and crowd control in two ways (Sheeping for small group pulls and AOE damage for large groups). This lead to the holy trinity of groups (and something that many players never adventure without) of a Priest, Warrior and Mage.

Don't despair if you are not in the above list. There are changes that can be made to the list however generally it will require 2 other classes to truly replace the one class being replaced though. For example you can take a druid instead of a priest, but are then limited to one resurrection every 30 minutes, so need to bring a shaman or paladin (depending on your faction) to provide the resurrections. For crowd control your could bring a rogue for sapping (initial control) but would also need to bring a Warlock for AOE crowd control.

In addition to the three slots above, you will generally want to add another DPS class. The primary DPS class would be a rogue, however hunters should not be overlooked as they generally supply excellent steady ranged DPS with very little upkeep needed by the rest of the party.

Lastly you should consider some sort of generalist to fill in where needed. For the Alliance a paladin is always a good choice for Stratholme as it is one of the places they can supply pretty good DPS (due to undead abilities). They can also supply heals, resurrections, minor AOE and buffs. Shamans fill the same generalist role for the Horde side and are always a good addition to a group.

My ideal 5 man group for the Alliance would be: Warrior, Priest, Mage, Rogue, Paladin. I do not have any experience from the horde side to suggest a perfect group, but would guess that a good group would be: Warrior, Priest, Mage, Rogue, Shaman. For either side I would feel comfortable with a hunter instead of a Rogue for the reasons listed above.


To make this section easier to follow I am going to break it up into a few sub-sections. The first being general tactics and then one for each "side" of the instance.

General Tactics

A very important thing to remember for either side of Stratholme is to ensure you equip your argent dawn token to collect scourge stones. Many people forget until part way through the instance.

There are several large pulls at the beginning of both sides of the instance, and at various points throughout both sides. There really is only one way to deal with them, and that is AOE (area of effect) spells. This means mages, warlocks and to a lesser degree paladins. While it is possible to do some crowd control with a sap and / or shackle, this does not significantly change the odds, as most of the pulls are 10+ MOBS. There are only 1 or 2 elites per group so the fights are not to difficult if everyone is healed, buffed and have mana. The best use of a shackle is to time it to go off just after the warrior pulls (I start casting when I hear the sound effect of the warrior raising his ranged weapon) and to target one of the elites. The basic plan should be either: Shield mage and have him run in and AOE, while priest heals or Warrior pulls aggro and then mage sets of AOE. Either way someone should tank the Elite in the group until the normal MOBs are cleared.

There are two main types of bat creatures in Stratholme, more correctly gargoyles, but often called bats by players for ease. They are the Rockwing Gargoyle and Rockwing Screecher. Both have a fear special ability that affects everyone in melee and sends you running for approximately 5 seconds. For this reason it is important to always pull them away from other MOBs and fight them as far away as possible. It is also a good idea to keep them stunned as much of the fight as possible. When you are fighting two or more, try to keep one shackled until the first is dealt with. In multiple pulls (where other types of MOBS are involved) these must be a priority. Many easy fights have ended in wipes due to an untimely fear into a patrol or other remaining MOBs in the area.

The Eye of Naxxramas is a ghostly MOB that appears throughout Stratholme and is very similar to the guard-bot from Gnomeregan. When one spawns you will see a yell in your chat window from him saying that the living are in Stratholme. Someone needs to kill him quickly or a group of gargoyles will be summoned and attack. If you are between battles they are usually easy to deal with, however the Eye has a nasty habit of appearing while you are in the middle of a fight. And dealing with a few extra fear causing MOBs while already in a fight can cause significant issues. The Eye does not take much damage to kill, but must be done quickly (5-8 seconds after the yell).

The last of the specialty MOBs in the instance is the wailing banshees. They have 2 special effects that you need to worry about. The first is a magic shield which is shown as a green aura around them. While the aura is showing all magic attacks will be resisted, so don't waste your mana trying to affect them. The second effect is a AOE silence. This can be devastating if in a large fight at the time, as your spell casters and healers will be out of commission for up to 8 seconds. For this reason it is best to either shackle the banshee and deal with them after all other MOBs are dead, or deal with them quickly first. Either way can be successful.

Undead Stratholme Tactics

The large pulls at the beginning are a little difficult to handle until you get some practice, but should not be too difficult. It is important to make sure everyone is healed, buffed and full on mana though.

While clearing the open areas it is important for the group to stay as far back towards the last gateway as possible, and allow the puller to bring the MOBs to you. This is because of the fear ability that the gargoyles have. I have seen many easy 2 MOB fights turn into 6-10 MOB wipes when people do not stick back and allow the puller to do their job. Once the closest MOBs are pulled, the gargoyle patrols still need to be pulled and dealt with. So do not advance until the puller says to. For those pulling, you should clear everything that could cause fear, or be run into before advancing the party.

When working your way to the Baron at the end of the Undead side you must clear all 3 ziggurats or the gates will not be open when you get there. To clear a ziggurat you must defeat the mini boss guarding it and then enter is and kill all of the MOB's inside. When they are all dead you will receive a message that the ziggurat has fallen. Do not move on until you have received the message or you will have to come back.

The first ziggurat houses the Baroness. She is marked on the map with a pale blue coloured dot. The three important things to know when dealing with her are to ensure the area is clear around her, pull her back to a safe area, and to not DOT your own players when they are taken over. That's right, at various times she will take over a party member and they will lose control and attack your party. It is easy to see who she takes over as they will become slightly larger with a reddish hue and have circular chains spiralling around them. You must kill them or wait 2 minutes for the effect to wear off. If you kill them they return to the players control with the same amount of life as they had before falling under her control. The one thing to note is that DOTs cast on the person while under control carry over when they revert to player control. So all players should avoid casting their DOT spells or effects at them (unless you really don’t like them).

Just south of the baronesses ziggurat in the same open area are the blacksmithing plans for the swordsmithing quest. They are found laying on the ground by the blacksmiths shop. Once they are read, an undead swordsmith will apear to defend them. Once he is killed you can collect the piece you need for the quest.

There is a very nasty trap set in the gateway right after you fight Nerub'enkan (who is marked by the dark blue dot on the map) that releases a large number of insects that swarm you. It is important get ready outside of the gate and then have the mage and any other AOE players enter at the same time. As soon as you enter the gate drops and the insects are released. The gate only opens again once you kill the swarm. For the alliance, the ideal entry group is a mage and paladin. The paladin can start the AOE so everything aggros him, and then the mage finishes them all off, without taking much damage in return. If a party member without AOE enters they are very likely dead, and you will have to wait for the trap to reset and rez them.

When fighting Magistrate Barthilas (marked by the red dot on the map) the basic strategy involves killing all the undead around his area first. Some groups like to sneak past and leave one of the undead groups for speed, however I suggest killing them, as the Magistrate has a knock back attack that sends you flying and I have seen groups be thrown back into the other set of MOBS and aggro them.

The other thing to remember is to have everyone move on from him at the same time. Once you pull one of the following MOBs (Abominations) the gate closes behind you and you will be separated. Also The Magistrate will drop a key to the city. Please remember that it is a single drop, meaning that only one person in the group can take it. Before anyone loots it you should decide how the winner will be decided, generally people random for it.

Ramstein spawns once all of the Abominations in the slaughter house area are dead. He is sometimes difficult to beat because you are weak from the previous fight. I would suggest pulling the last MOB in the slaughter house all the way back into the gate section and killing him there. This will give you time to drink and eat before Ramstein aggros.

Once Ramstein is dead a group of lower level non-elite skeletons will rush from the west exit at your group. All mages and AOE characters should make sure they save mana from the Ramstein fight to deal with them. A few AOE blasts from a mage and a paladin can deal with them easily.

Once the skeleton rush is dead, drink and eat again as a group of 6 undead elite guards will emerge from the Barons ziggurat. There are a few ways to deal with them, the safest is to deal with as few as possible, by using shackle, fear, stun, ice trap, etc. The other way is to AOE them. I have seen either one work well, depending on the group composition.

When fighting the Baron, you enter his chamber and stick to the left wall. Proceed to the corner and buff and heal everyone. When ready the tank should engage him and build aggro to pin him were he is, do not let him move to the bone piles. Once aggro is built all the ranged and melee DPS can start on him. The mage in the group is needed for AOE on the skeletons that he summons. It is important to control the skeletons as he can use them to regenerate his health. I have seen groups that fail to AOE the skeletons take forever to deal with the Baron as he keeps healing. When they are controlled it is a fairly easy fight.

Scarlet Stratholme Tactics

The large pulls at the beginning are a little smaller than the Undead site and should be easier to handle. It is important to make sure everyone is healed, buffed and full on mana though.

When going to retrieve the tobacco it is important to clear the area and be rested before opening the box. Fras Siabi will spawn as soon as you open the box, and the fight can be hard if the area is not cleared of if the party is not ready for it. The same goes for the opening the post box in the area as 3 undead postmen will spawn, and if the party is not ready it can be difficult.

The Gallants at the beginning of the Cathedral use a charge knock back attack. Casters should close to range against these enemies so they can not be targeted. This attack is chained a lot and pushes you back a fair distance, so make sure you all move up. Crimson Monks in the Catherdal deal very high melee DPS and should be tanked early so they do not engage casters. Otherwise keep them sheeped until the end of the fight and deal with them then. Once into the Cathedral there are magic de-buffs put onto players that will increase holy damage taken. These effects should be removed by your groups de-cursers (priests, paladins, etc) ASAP to prevent high DPS from getting through.

In the Cathedral, crowd control is key as the MOBs hit very hard. You should always sap one and sheep another. It is possible to do it without tis, but it will be much harder. Also you must watch the pull areas for incoming patrols and wait for them to leave before pulling. Not watching for a patrol and having to deal with 4-5 of them is almost a guaranteed wipe.

Once into the Cathedral at the end of the zone, there are several spawnings of undead that will rush in as you clear the defenders. It is announced as a yell to the zone that the undead have broken through. As soon as you see this, you must stop and turn around to be ready for the undead. Be careful to pay attention and not pull a new group of the Scarlet Crusaders and then have both groups to deal with.

When you are fighting Cannon Master Willey, one player must fire the cannons to kill the incoming adds. The cannons however will damage any players in front of them as well as killing enemies. ALL players should be careful to remain behind the cannons at all times.

Balnazzar is the last boss in the Cathedral and when fighting him he has a few nasty tricks. He has an AoE sleep and a silence that he can cast and just when you think you have him dead, he transforms into his true demon form and regain full health. When in demon form most of his damage is shadow damage so an aura of shadow protection or the priests shadow buff is useful. When fighting him in demon form he will mind control players several times throughout the fight. An easy way to break this is the have the mage sheep the mind controled player and then have a priest dispel magic on them. Overall he is not a hard fight though as long as you keep him aggroed on the tank (sheep / dispel the tank fast if he is MC'ed) and do steady damage.

Postmaster Malown tactics

Many players have asked about finding and defeating the postmaster. I have found the following to be the best way to get to him and defeat him.

- Enter Stratholme through the main gate (Scarlet side)
- Clear to the front of Smokey Larue's. This is the dead end you reach if you take two lefts after entering the Scarlet side. It is marked on the map with the yellow square.

- Open the post box and kill the courier, and loot the 3 keys. The 3 keys are random. They belong to specific mailboxes located throughout Stratholme.
- You must search for the 3 mailboxes that you have keys for and open them.

- The first two opened spawn MOBs that must be killed

- Clear the area around your third mailbox completely before opening it.

- Opening the 3rd mailbox spawns the postmaster. He has a nasty AOE fear and several curses that he stacks on players, so have someone ready to decurse and again ensure you have cleared the area.


Being an end game instance there are many quests in Stratholme for both factions. Not all quests are simple to get though, some are quests at the end of quest chains that must be completed first. Also many high level quests have components that are required from Stratholme but are not completed entirely in Stratholme (they may require trips to other instances or zones in the World of Warcraft).

In addition to the quests listed below, there are many crafting and class specific quests that require items from Stratholme. These quests will state in their description that the item you need is in Stratholme.

NOTE: Unless noted all quests can only be completed with a 5 man group, NOT a raid group. Do NOT expect to be able to complete quests in a raid! There are a few exceptions, but not many.

Alliance Faction Quests

There are no Alliance specific quests.

Horde Faction Quests


Faction: Horde

Quest Prerequisites: All of Nathanos Blightcallers earlier quests
Starting and Ending NPC / Location: Nathanos Blightcaller / Eastern Plaguelands

Level Obtained: 60

Quest Level: 62

XP Reward: 7050

Item Reward: Royal Seal of Alexis (Ring) or Elemental Circle (Ring)

Search for more information on this quest: TTH Search Tool

Objectives: Travel to Stratholme and slay Ramstein the Gorger. Take his head as a souvenir for Nathanos.

Notes: Ramstein is the last mini-boss in the Undead side of Stratholme before fighting the Baron. He does not spawn until all the mobs in the slaughter hours are dead. He is marked with a yellow dot on the map.

Dual Faction Quests

Of Love and Family

Faction: Both

Quest Prerequisite: Of Lost Honor
Starting NPC / Location: Artist Renfray / Western Plaguelands

Ending NPC / Location: Tirion Fordring / Eastern Plaguelands

Level Obtained: 53

Quest Level: 60

XP Reward: 6600

Item Reward: Fordrings Seal (ring) or Mark of Fordring (neck) or Ornate Adamantium Breastplate (plate chest) or Shimmering Platinum Warhammer (2h mace) or Shroud of the Exile (back).

Search for more information on this quest: TTH Search Tool

Objectives: Travel to Stratholme, in the northern part of the Plaguelands. It is in the Scarlet Bastion that you will find the painting 'Of Love and Family,' hidden behind another painting depicting the twin moons of our world. Return the painting to Tirion Fordring.

Notes: This is the last in a chain of quests and has some very good rewards to chose from. The painting itself can be found in the Scarlet side of Stratholme in the Archivists room. The Acrhivist is marked by a white square on the map.

Houses of the Holy

Faction: Both

Starting + Ending NPC / Location: Leonid Barthalomew the Revered / Lights Hope Chapel Eastern Plaguelands

Level Obtained: 55

Quest Level: 61

XP Reward: 6850

Item Reward: Crown of the Penitent (cloth head) or Band of the Penitent (ring) and 5 greater mana potions and 5 superior healing potions

Search for more information on this quest: TTH Search Tool

Objectives: Travel to Stratholme, in the north. Search the supply crates that litter the city and recover 5 Stratholme Holy Water. Return to Leonid Barthalomew the Revered when you have collected enough of the blessed fluid.

Notes: The crates appear scattered throughout Stratholme. However most of them are fake and contain traps. If you are a member of the alliance have a dwarf in the party turn on treasure finding and they can let the party know which crates are real. The holy water is bind on pickup so make sure to leave it for those in the party that need it.

The Great Fras Siabi

Faction: Both

Starting + Ending NPC / Location: Smokey LaRue / Lights Hope Chapel in the Eastern Plaguelands

Level Obtained: 55

Quest Level: 61

XP Reward: 8550

Item Reward: Smokeys Lighter (Trinket)

Search for more information on this quest: TTH Search Tool

Objectives: Find Fras Siabi's smoke shop in Stratholme and recover a box of Siabi's Premium Tobacco. Return to Smokey LaRue when the job is done.

Notes: The tobacco can be found in the Scarlet side of Stratholme. It is located at the yellow square on the map. Once you pick up the tobacco the great Fras Siabi himself shows up to defend it, so make sure you clear the area before looting. This quest can be completed in a raid.

The Flesh does not Lie

Faction: Both

Starting + Ending NPC / Location: Betina Bigglezink / Lights Hope Chapel in the Eastern Plaguelands

Level Obtained: 55

Quest Level: 61

XP Reward: 6850

Leads to Quest: The Active Agent

Search for more information on this quest: TTH Search Tool

Objectives: Recover 20 Plagued Flesh Samples from Stratholme and return them to Betina Bigglezink. You suspect that any creature in Stratholme would have said flesh sample.

Notes: The Plagued flesh samples drop from undead MOBs in either side of Stratholme.

The Active Agent

Faction: Both

Starting + Ending NPC / Location: Betina Bigglezink / Lights Hope Chapel in the Eastern Plaguelands

Level Obtained: 58

Quest Level: 61

XP Reward: 6850

Item Reward: Seal of Dawn

Search for more information on this quest: TTH Search Tool

Objectives: Travel to Stratholme and search the ziggurats. Find and return new Scourge Data to Betina Bigglezink.

Notes: The data will appear as a small box on the ground in one of the three ziggurats in the Undead side of Stratholme. The trinket is very good for melee players that are going to be continuing to run Stratholme and Scholomance.

The Archivist

Faction: Both

Starting + Ending NPC / Location: Duke Nicholas Zverenhoff / Lights Hope Chapel in the Eastern Plaguelands

Level Obtained: 55

Quest Level: 61

XP Reward: 8550

Leads to Quest: The truth comes crashing down

Search for more information on this quest: TTH Search Tool

Objectives: Travel to Stratholme and find Archivist Galford of the Scarlet Crusade. Destroy him and burn down the Scarlet Archive.

Notes: The Archivist is found near the end of the Scarlet side of the instance, marked by the yellow square on the map. There will be a book that you can click on that will start the fire required to burn the archives. Make sure you do both objectives - burn the books and get his head.

Completing this quest allows access to the truth comes crashing down quest. It does so by allowing Balnazzar's head to drop on a subsequent run through the scarlet side of Stratholme. This chain is well worth it as it gains eventual access to one of the best staffs in the game - the Scarlet Crusader.

The Truth Comes Crashing Down

Faction: Both

Starting + Ending NPC / Location: name /By collecting the head of Balnazzar in Scarlet Stratholme

Ending NPC / Location: Duke Nicholas Zverenhoff / Lights Hope Chapel in the Eastern Plaguelands

Level Obtained: 58

Quest Level: 62

XP Reward: 8800

Leads to Quest: Above and Beyond

Search for more information on this quest: TTH Search Tool

Objectives: Take the Head of Balnazzar to Duke Nicholas Zverenhoff in the Eastern Plaguelands.

Notes: This quest starts once you collect the head of Balnazzar. The head will only drop after you have killed the Archivist and finished that quest. This is an easy quest to return the head to Duke Zverenhoff at Lights Hope Chapel.

Above and Beyond

Faction: Both

Quest Prerequisite: The Truth Comes Crashing Down

Starting + Ending NPC / Location: Duke Nicholas Zverenhoff / Lights Hope Chapel in the Eastern Plaguelands

Level Obtained: 57

Quest Level: 62

XP Reward: 8800

Item Reward: Argent Defender (Shield) or Argent Avenger (1H Sword) or Argent Crusader (staff)

Search for more information on this quest: TTH Search Tool

Objectives: Venture to Stratholme and destroy Baron Rivendare. Take his head and return to Duke Nicholas Zverenhoff.

Notes: Baron Rivendare is found at the end of the Undead side of Stratholme, marked by a white dot on the map. When he is dead, you can collect his head and return to town for the reward. When you turn in the head, you will be sent to a different person inside the chapel at Lights Hope for the reward.

Menethil's Gift

Faction: Both

Quest Prerequisite: The Dying, Ras Frostwhisper
Starting + Ending NPC / Location: name / location

Starting NPC / Location: Leonid Barthalomew the Revered / Lights Hope Chapel in
Eastern Plaguelands

Ending NPC / Location: Menethil's Gift in Stratholme

Level Obtained: 60

Quest Level: 62

XP Reward: 7050

Leads to Quest: Soulbound Keepsake

Search for more information on this quest: TTH Search Tool

Objectives: Travel to Stratholme and find Menethil's Gift. Place the Keepsake of Remembrance upon the unholy ground.

Notes: This is step 3 in a long chain that starts with "The Human, Ras Frostwhisper" in the Western Plaguelands and end with "The Lich, Ras Frostwhisper" in Scholomance. To complete this part of the chain you must use the book that you get for the quest in the Rarons room at the end of the undead side of Stratholme.

The Restless Souls

Faction: Both

Starting + Ending NPC / Location: Egan / Far west of the Eastern Plaguelands

Level Obtained: 55

Quest Level: 61

XP Reward: 8550

Item Reward: Testament of Hope (Held in off-hand)

Search for more information on this quest: TTH Search Tool

Objectives: Use Egan's Blaster on the ghostly and spectral citizens of Stratholme. When the restless spirits break free from their ghostly shells, use the blaster again - freedom will be theirs! Free 15 Restless Spirits and return to Egan.

Notes: The ghostly and spectral citizens can be found in the Scarlet side of the instance.

The Medallion of faith

Faction: Both

Starting + Ending NPC / Location: Aurius / Undead side church

Level Obtained: 55

Quest Level: 61

XP Reward: 6000

Leads to quest: Aurius' Reconing

Search for more information on this quest: TTH Search Tool

Objectives: Please, retrieve the medallion. It is guarded by Malor the Zealous, a crazed member of the Scarlet Brotherhood who resides deep in the Scarlet Bastion in western Stratholme.

Notes: The Medallion of faith can be found in chest in Scarlet side chapel, in the first small anti-room.

Aurius' Reckoning

Faction: Both

Quest Prerequisite: Aurius' Reconing

Starting + Ending NPC / Location: Aurius / Undead side church and then Barons room

Level Obtained: 55

Quest Level: 61

XP Reward: 8550

Item Reward: Will of the Martyr (Neck) or Blood of the Martyr (Ring)

Search for more information on this quest: TTH Search Tool

Objectives: Talk to Aurius as he appears after the Baron fight.

Notes: This can be done in a raid, just ensure you talk to Aurius as you go into the instance. He will then re-appear once the Barron is dead and give you your choice of ring or necklace.

Phat Loot found in Stratholme

Phat loot is defined as Rare or better items found in the instance. In Stratholme there are MANY rare items that drop. There are also several epic items that are known to dropped in Stratholme.

One of the main reasons that people raid Stratholme is for the loot, especially the high level set items that drop. Depending on the class set 3 - 4 items have a possibility of dropping.

Another key reason that people run Stratholme is for crafting and quest items, especially Rightious Orbs and stitchings. The Orbs drop on the Scarlet side and are used in high level professions. They also sell for roughly 20-60G depending on the server. The stitchings drop in the slaughter house on the undead side and are used in an epic armor quest.

Set Items

Set item farming is a huge reason people run Stratholme. Here is a list of the set items found in Stratholme and the MOBs that drop them. Each name of the item is setup as a link to our search engine which will search out information from all the WoW databases on the web.

Item Name Class Dropped By Dropped on Side
Beaststalkers Boots Hunter Nerub'enkan Undead
Beaststalkers Bindings Hunter Crimson Defender, Fleshflayer Ghoul, Ghoul Ravener Both
Beaststalkers Pants Hunter Baron Rivendare Undead
Magister's Belt Mage Crimson Battle Mage, Thuzadin Necromancer, Thuzadin Shadowcaster Both
Magister's Boots Mage Postmaster Malown Scarlet
Magister's Leggings Mage Baron Rivendare Undead
Lightforge Belt Paladin Grimson Gallant, Rockwing Gargoyles, Rockwing Screechers Both
Lightforge Boots Paladin Balnazzar Scarlet
Lightforge Legplates Paladin Baron Rivendare Undead
Devout Sandals Priest Maleki the Pallid Scarlet
Devout Bracers Priest Crimson Priests, Thuzadin Necromancers and Thuzadin Shadowcasters Both
Devout Gloves Priest Archivist Galford Scarlet
Devout Skirt Priest Baron Rivendare Undead
Shadowcraft Spaulders Rogue Cannon Master Willey Scarlet
Shadowcraft Pants Rogue Baron Rivendare Undead
Wildheart Belt Druid Bile Spewer, Venome Belcher Undead
Wildheart Bracers Druid Crimson Inquisitor, Shrieking Banshee, Wailing Banshee Both
Wildheart Kilt Druid Baron Rivendare Undead
Bindings of Elements Shaman Crimson Monk, Crypt Beast, Crypt Crawler Both
Kilt of Elements Shaman Baron Rivendare Undead
Deadmist Belt Warlock Crimson Sorcerer, Thuzadin Necromancer, Thusadin Shadowcaster Both
Deadmist Leggings Warlock Baron Rivendare Undead
Deadmist Sandals Warlock Baroness Anastari Undead
Gauntlets of Valor Warrior Ramstein the Gorger Undead
Legplates of Valor Warrior Baron Rivendare Undead

Named Mob Drops

The following named MOBs and Boss MOBs can be found in Stratholme. The links for each search the various internet databases for items related to the MOB for you, so that you can view all the sites easily.


Baroness Anastari


Moleki the Pale

Magistrat Barthilas


Baron Rivendare

Fras Siabi

Timmy the Cruel

Cannon Master Willey

Archivist Galford


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

About The Author

Byron has been playing and writing about World of Warcraft for the past ten years. He also plays pretty much ever other Blizzard game, currently focusing on Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone, while still finding time to jump into Diablo III with his son.


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