Blizzard has provided some great new and challenging fights in the raids in Mists of Pandaria.  Many of the fights have a lot of complicated and challenging mechanics, however they are generally simplified greatly in the LFR (looking for raid) version of the fights. The first raid in MoP that players face is the Mogu'shan Vaults. In the LFR tool it is split up into two sections the Guardians of Mogu'shan and the Vault of Mysteries, however they are just the full Mogu'Shan Vaults split in half for simplicity.

This guide is for all those players out there that don’t need to know all of the exact details required to beat the fights in normal or hardcore mode.  These are the bare bones basics to survive the fights in the LFR versions.  This applies to pretty much all DPS and to some extent healers. 

Tanks are covered briefly and it is possible to get through with what is here, but really if you are a tank you should do some more research and know the fights in more depth.

As an added bonus, each boss also has a really short version of the essentials that can simply be pasted into raid chat to ensure that everyone knows the 25 words or less version of the fight.

The Stone Guardians

You will fight three guardians randomly out of four different ones (Cobalt, Jade, and Jasper) that make up this boss encounter.  In the regular version of this fight there is a lot of complicated boss swaps by the tanks required, luckily in the LFR version they are not required.

  • All bosses are tanked together
  • DPS attacks bosses and moves out of Amethyst Pools, away from Cobalt Mines, and towards the other player affected by Jasper Chains when you are hit with them.

The Stone Guardians Macro
/raid Move away from pools and mines, and move towards the player you get chained to

Feng the Accursed

This is an engaging three phase fight that can be very simple if everyone does as they are supposed to.
In each phase the tanks swap when they get hit by phase specific debuffs, which are Lightning Lash, Flaming Spear, and Arcane Shot.

Phase 1

  • Avoid the line of lighting caused by Lightning Fists by watching for its direction
  • Get at least 40 yards away from Epicenter when cast.

Phase 2

  • When you are hit with Wildfire Spark move away from the raid and try to position yourself away from the rest of the raid.

Phase 3

  • Stack on the tank whenever Arcane Velocity is cast.
  • Get away from all other players when hit by Arcane Resonance.

Fend the Accursed Macro
/raid P1 - Get away from Epicenter, P2 - Move away if you get Wild Spark, P3 – Move away if you get Arcane Resonance, otherwise stack on tanks

Gara’jal the Spiritbinder

The main part of this fight in LFR is to ensure that players actually click on the Spirit Totems and entering the spirit realm to deal with the adds there.  Healers need to make sure that one jumps into the spirit realm to heal players there as well.

In the physical realm players focus on the boss and healers keep everyone up, especially the players hit by the Vodoo Doll mechanic and therefore taking damage as the tank takes damage.

Gara'jal Macro
/raid Click Spirit Totems to enter spirit realm and kill adds, kill boss.

The Spirit Kings

This tends to be a hard fight in LFR since it has so many components, however with a few simple instruction it can be done. This is essentially a four phase fight as you fight four different spirit kings that are fought in a random order.  Each Spirit King has several abilities that he uses and one that keeps applying to the fight even after he is defeated.
Qiang the Merciless

  • Everyone stack in front of Qiang at all times to split damage
  • Everyone moves to get behind Qiang when he uses Annihilate, including the tanks
  • Avoid Flanking Orders (continues once defeated).

Subetal the Swift

  • Move out of Volley quickly
  • Free players hit by Rain of Arrows
  • Stay slightly spread out to avoid Pillage on too many players (continues once defeated).

Meng the Demented

  • Slow DPS as he becomes insane as it reflects damage
  • Group up and deal AOE damage to free players when you are hit with Maddening Shout (Continues once defeated).

Zian of the Endless Shadow

  • Move away from group and towards a wall if targeted by Undying Shadows, ranged DPS kills the orb there.  Get out of void zone left there (Continues once defeated).
  • Spread out to minimize Charged Shadow chains and Shadow Blast.

The Spirit Kings Macro
/raid Qiang – stack on tanks, move behind for annihilate, avoid flankers, Subetal – move out of volley, free players from rain of arrows
/raid Meng – group and AOE for madness, Zian – move to wall with orbs and ranged kills them, stay out of void zones.


This is probably the hardest fight in the LFR version of Mugu’shan Vaults as it requires a lot of movement by a lot of players, which gives more opportunity for someone to do something wrong.  It is a three phase repeating fight.

Phase One

  • Pull the Celestial Protector out of the energy vortex and onto the real floor.  The protector is the DPS priority.
  • DPS Elegon only when no add is up.

Phase Two

  • Sparks spawn and move to the edge of the vortex, they become priority; they must die before they reach the edge.
  • This repeats getting faster and faster until one reaches the edge

Phase Three

  • Get off the Energy Vortex and into sections of the floor around it.
  • DPS the towers that spawn dividing the room into 6 sections.
  • Avoid Energy Cascade (void zone) and Cosmic Sparks
  • Once all 6 towers are down, the fight returns to phase one.

Elegon Macro
/raid DPS priority is Celestial Protector, Sparks, Towers, then Elegon, only DPS boss is nothing else is up.
/raid Get off the Vortex when a spark gets to the edge, get back in when the towers die.

Will of the Emperor

This fight should be easier for LFR groups than the previous two bosses.  It is all about DPS priority, if you can follow the priority you will defeat this encounter. The fight itself has two different bosses that share a health pool and is divided into two different phases.

Phase One

  • Tank bosses away from each other at the front of the room.
  • DPS priority is Emperor’s Courage (spawns at front of the room), Emperor’s Strength (spawns at sides of room), Emperor’s Rage (spawns at back of room), Boss.

Phase Two

  • Group up when Titan Gas is cast to help healers out by allowing them to AOE heal.
  • Ensure Adds are down and then DPS Bosses
  • When gas ends, phase one restarts.

Will of the Emperor Macro
/raid DPS priority is Emperor’s Courage, Emperor’s Stength, Emperor’s Rage, then Boss.  Group up for Titan Gas phase.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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